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Build Your Own Flipkart Without Coding Knowledge

Empower your entrepreneurial spirit with a guide on building your own Flipkart-like platform without the need for coding knowledge. Explore user-friendly tools and platforms that enable aspiring business owners to create an e-commerce website and delve into the world of online retail without the complexities of coding.

Create RSS Feed App for WordPress blog [Android/iOS/Windows Phone]

Extend the reach of your WordPress blog by learning how to create an RSS feed app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Enhance user engagement and accessibility with a dedicated app that delivers your blog content seamlessly to a diverse audience across multiple platforms.

Best Voicemail Contact Form for WordPress, Blogger and other websites

Streamline communication: Discover the best voicemail contact form plugin for WordPress, Blogger, and other websites, offering convenient voice messaging options for enhanced user engagement.

Create a Nokia App for your Website and Monetize it

Monetize your website by creating a dedicated Nokia app with this guide, exploring opportunities to reach a wider audience and generate revenue. Unlock the potential of mobile app monetization while providing a tailored experience for Nokia users, enhancing your website's impact in the digital space.

How to : Backup your WordPress files to Dropbox

Safeguard your WordPress data effortlessly: Follow these simple steps to back up your website files directly to Dropbox, ensuring peace of mind and data security.

Add Facebook Share button in Slick Social Share WordPress Plugin

Enhance your WordPress website's social sharing functionality by seamlessly adding a Facebook Share button through the Slick Social Share plugin. Elevate user engagement and expand your content's reach with this simple integration, ensuring effortless sharing across the Facebook platform.

Top tips for selecting a better WordPress theme for your blog

Elevate your blog's appearance: Follow these top tips for selecting a better WordPress theme, ensuring compatibility, responsiveness, customization options, and overall aesthetic appeal to enhance your blog's performance and user experience.