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How to Use Chatbots to Generate Leads and Boost Your Sales

Discover how to harness the power of AI chatbots for lead generation and sales enhancement with SiteGPT, a customizable solution that provides 24/7 quality customer support and automates answering the vast majority of support tickets. Learn how to train your chatbot with your content, capture leads, and integrate with your favorite tools like WhatsApp, Slack, and Zendesk.

Automate Your Support with 24/7 AI Assistance

AI-powered chatbots are revolutionizing customer support by providing businesses with the ability to automate their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Volume & Brightness Control Strip Disappeared from Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

Restore functionality: Troubleshoot the disappearance of the volume and brightness control strip from the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro, ensuring seamless control over essential settings.

Here's How To Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

Elevate your browsing experience with this guide on enabling dark mode on Google Search. Discover the steps to reduce eye strain and enjoy a visually enhanced search interface as you navigate the web in a darker, more comfortable environment.

Nike Run Club to Strava - Migrate Running Activities [How To]

Seamlessly transition your running data: Learn how to migrate your activities from Nike Run Club to Strava, ensuring continuity and access to your workout history across platforms.

Save Windows 10 Login Wallpaper [How To]

Personalize your login screen: Follow our guide to save your Windows 10 login wallpaper, preserving your preferred image for a customized and welcoming user experience.

How To Get Facebook Care React [May 2020 Trick]

Discover the secret: Learn a clever trick to get the elusive Facebook Care React, adding a touch of empathy to your interactions on the platform.

How To Recover Deleted Notes [Mac] Without Software

Retrieve your notes effortlessly: Learn how to recover deleted notes on Mac without using additional software, restoring valuable information with simple built-in methods.

How To Read Medium Articles Free

Unlock content without paywalls: Learn how to read Medium articles for free, accessing valuable insights and information without needing a subscription.

Disk Always 100% on Windows 10 - How To Troubleshoot

Tackle the issue of a constantly 100% disk usage on Windows 10 with this troubleshooting guide. Explore practical steps and solutions to address performance issues, optimizing your system for smoother functionality.