COVID-19 has almost hit all the countries in the world and many organizations and ruling bodies have been trying to fight against the dangerous coronavirus. In such a scenario, Facebook has rolled out care reaction and lets people to "care" on a post. Facebook has already rolled out several reactions like "thankful" in previous times but Facebook care react is the one now people want the most. Facebook has currently rolled out care reaction to some users and is slowly rolling out to various.  

How to enable Facebook Care React?

If Facebook has not rolled out the update to you, even though you have the latest Facebook app, there is an easy way to enable Facebook care react instantly. Here is a trick on how you can enable Facebook care reaction. If you are using an Android smartphone, go to Play Store and download the Facebook Lite app, or use your App Store if you are on iOS. Once you download Facebook Lite, login to your Facebook account and hold the Like button. You can see Care react available over there. Now browse for some time, react to some posts with "Care" and take out your laptop and hit You will finally see Facebook welcoming you with Care Reaction. Enable Facebook Care React That's it! You have now enabled Facebook Care react. Now you have 7 ways to react to a post instead of 6. This trick worked accidentally when I installed the Facebook Lite app and thus sharing with you all. Also, some users find that Care reaction gets enabled when they hit Fewer users also state that they get a Care React when they uninstall the Facebook app, restart the phone, and then install the Facebook app again. Hence, I cannot assure if the trick works for sure. If you are lucky enough, you will get a Care reaction enabled on your Facebook account. Facebook has been rolling out slowly for users and you might get a Care reaction as soon as possible. Let us all fight against the virus by staying at home. Stay home! Stay Safe!