I am a big fan of Touch Bar on MacBook Pro. It's dynamic and very useful in lots of ways but its really disheartening to see Apple ditching Touch Bar on latest MacBook line-ups. Touch Bars are dynamic and hence it is useful but I wouldn't say that Touch Bar is fast enough to get things done quickly. Physical buttons are quick but on a Touch Bar, since it provides app controls, it makes things little easier. For example, it's easier to switch tabs on Safari and Microsoft Edge. However, when its buggy, its always a problem, like volume and brightness control strip disappeared from Touch Bar of my MacBook Pro.

Control Strip Disappeared from Touch Bar

One fine day, when I opened my MacBook, I found there was no Control Strip to adjust volume. I am a music lover and I always listen to music while working as it gives me energy and rhythm. When someone calls, or connects me over voice chat, I need to rely on top bar of the screen on Mac to adjust volume or open up Spotify to pause the song.

I checked System Preferences and found the Control Strip enabled. I switched to Expanded Control Strip, but I require both App Controls as well as the Control Strip to always appear on my Touch Bar.

controls trip disappeared from macbook pro touch bar

As I have a lot of applications open, I decide not to shut down my MacBook so that I can quickly open up and continue on my tasks the next day. Hence, I don't want to shut down my MacBook.


Restart the Touch Bar Services

  1. Fire up Spotlight (Command + Space)

  2. Search for "Terminal"

  3. Type the following:

    sudo pkill TouchBarServer;

  4. And in few seconds, you can see your Touch Bar is reset and shows Control Strip with your preferences.

In case the Touch Bar is still not fixed, try restarting your MacBook and also try SMC Reset before taking your MacBook to authorised service centre.

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