If you are using Windows 10, you might see fresh wallpapers every day on your lock screen. Sometimes it tempts and you really want to save Windows 10 login wallpaper. These pictures come from Bing captured by professional photographers around the world. In case you do not see new wallpapers daily, here is how you need to configure your Windows settings to change the wallpaper from Bing every day.

Changing Windows 10 Login Wallpaper Daily

  1. Click on Windows logo (or the Start button)
  2. Search for the Settings app
  3. On the Settings app, go to Personalisation
  4. In the left pane, click on Lock Screen
  5. In the Background dropdown, choose Windows spotlight.

Note that the Windows Spotlight feature requires your computer to be connected to the Internet. You set to Windows Spotlight and you see beautiful pictures every day you log in to your Windows, that's really amazing! However, you like the picture and you want that picture to be set as your desktop background or your smartphone's wallpaper. Here's how you can do it. Before going into the tutorial, we need to see how does Windows use the picture downloaded from the Internet to set as Windows 10 login wallpaper.

How does it work?

Windows caches the wallpaper on your computer once it downloads from Bing. Once Windows downloads the wallpaper, your operating system will use the cache to show up the wallpaper next time you lock the screen or restart your computer on the same day. This actually saves your data if you are on a metered connection. The cache will be retained a few days to months.

How To Save Windows 10 Login Wallpaper?

I have found the cache where the login wallpaper saves your Windows computer. Just do this:

  1. Press the Windows logo key  + R and paste this location.


  2. Hit enter and it shows up files that do not have any extensions.

  3. Copy all the files and save it to a folder on another location, say "My Wallapaper Cache"

  4. On the folder opened on File Explorer, click on File and go to Open Windows PowerShell, then Open Windows PowerShell as administrator save Windows 10 Login wallpaper

  5. Paste the following command and hit Enter.

    Dir . | rename-item -newname { [io.path]::ChangeExtension($_.name, ".jpg") }

  6. In case your Windows has Command Prompt as default, you can open Command Prompt as administrator from the File menu and paste the following command.

    ren *.* *.jpg

  7. Now you can easily find the Windows 10 Login wallpaper.

  8. That's it! It's time to set the login wallpaper as your desktop background or transfer to your smartphone.

Hope this helped you to save Windows 10 login wallpaper. If you have any questions or difficulties, please leave a comment below this article. The article contains few commands that might make you initially appear the process a bit tough but they are just a matter of copy-pastes. Enjoy! Thanks to: my wife for bringing up such a question which made me write this post!