Now-a-days most of the people started to buy DSLR camera. The interest behind the photography started to develop in people's mind when other photographers uploaded their photographs on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 500px etc. Looking at the best stock photos, snapped by the professional photographers, they are inspired and wants them to become a photographer. Not only by looking at the pictures but also, when they are still more inspired by the online contests which makes their photo to win for more "likes". Here, this infographic makes you to understand how to choose & adjust better shutter speed for good photography.

You might have read quotes like, "I have a DSLR and I'm a photographer; I have a pen and I'm a writer". This quote evolved just because of most of the people choosing photography as their profession by buying a DSLR camera. We also have article on choosing a right camera, if you are planning to buy a one. Read them here. You will find more tips to select a good camera, both budget wise and feature wise.

Some of the latest cameras though lets the user to select a best shutter speed, at times to capture with effects that makes any object sharper than other objects in the picture. The below picture contain certain samples that makes you understand how to choose a better shutter speed for a better photography outcome. Moreover, it lets you to know how to adjust shutter speed of the camera for various formats you desire.

Choose & Adjust better shutter speed

If the image is not clear, click on the image to view larger.


Are you interested in photography? Most of the geeks now has now involved in photography. Photography makes them feel free and lets to enjoy the beauty of the nature. Are you one of the geek who have now involved in photography? So, how do you feel now as a photographer life than leading a geeky lifestyle. Please feel free to comment below.