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Is "Square Camera" a Trend for 2020?

Explore the emergence of the 'Square Camera' trend in 2020, reshaping the photography landscape with its unique framing and composition. Delve into how this trend influences visual storytelling and resonates with the evolving preferences of content creators and consumers.

Celebrities Often Criticized For Posting To Twitter From iPhone - Why?

Uncover the mystery behind celebrities being criticized for posting tweets from iPhones, exploring the reasons behind this seemingly inconspicuous scrutiny. From brand endorsements to privacy concerns, delve into the social media dynamics that contribute to the intrigue and speculation surrounding celebrity tweets.

Google Is Accused of Data Privacy - Sundar Pichai Testifies Before Congress

As data privacy concerns rise, Google faces accusations, prompting CEO Sundar Pichai to testify before Congress. Explore the developments in this high-stakes testimony, shedding light on Google's practices and the ongoing debate over user data protection.

Is Apple Innovative Still After Steve Jobs?

Contemplate the ongoing debate on Apple's innovation post-Steve Jobs, examining the company's product releases and technological advancements. Explore perspectives on whether Apple continues to uphold its legacy of innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Over 30 Countries' Mobile Data Speed is Faster than WiFi

Challenge the conventional as over 30 countries experience mobile data speeds faster than WiFi, redefining connectivity norms. Explore the global shift in internet dynamics, where cellular networks outpace traditional WiFi in delivering faster and more efficient data speeds.

No Free Incoming Calls - Airtel, Vodafone & Idea

In a shift from tradition, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea discontinue free incoming calls, marking a significant change in their pricing strategies amidst evolving telecom trends.

Watch Movies Together on Messenger with Friends

Enhance your virtual hangouts: Enjoy synchronized movie watching experiences with friends on Messenger, creating memorable moments and fostering closer connections from afar.

Add To WhatsApp Without Phone Number

Elevate your WhatsApp experience: Discover methods to add contacts to WhatsApp without needing their phone numbers, offering convenience and flexibility in your messaging.

Lasso : Facebook Created Own Tik-Tok (Musically)

Enter the world of short-form videos: Lasso, Facebook's answer to TikTok, offers users a platform to create and share entertaining content, tapping into the growing trend of video-based social media.

Samsung Foldable Screen : Phone + Tablet Convertible

Experience the future of mobile technology: Samsung's foldable screen allows for seamless transition between phone and tablet modes, offering versatility and innovation in a single device.