Facebook has a habit of preventing any companies to be their competition. The company has bought WhatsApp and Instagram which were competition for Facebook. However, when this was questioned during Facebook's Cambridge scandal, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has told that the reason for purchasing WhatsApp and Instagram was that these companies had a similar vision that Facebook has. Now, Facebook has come up with Lasso, a new viral video sharing app just similar to Tik-Tok (formerly known as Musically).


Lasso This time, Facebook did not purchase Tik-Tok but instead, the company created its own viral video sharing app. Lasso includes video editor built-in where users can add special effects to videos that seem better than Tik-Tok.

How to Install Lasso outside the U.S.?

To install Lasso on iPhone, you need a U.S. Apple ID. Hence, go to appleid.apple.com and create a U.S. Apple ID.

  1. Go to Settings app of iPhone
  2. Choose iTunes & App Store
  3. Tap on Apple ID and Sign Out of your current Apple ID
  4. Sign in again with U.S. Apple ID which you have created.
  5. Now go to App Store and search for Lasso
  6. Download & Install Lasso

After installation, you are free to go back to the Settings app and sign out from U.S. Apple ID that you have created. You can sign in to your regular country-based Apple ID. For Android users, a U.S. Google account signed in to Google Play Store will help you find the Lasso app. You can sign in to Lasso using Facebook or Instagram account. This helps in posting Lasso videos straight into Facebook stories or Instagram stories. What's your thought about the new app by Facebook? Will Lasso beat the already existing app which is already famous over several youngsters? Facebook has released only at United States to check the likeliness of people using Lasso. Facebook might soon launch Lasso to various parts of the world.