It is very easier to hate Apple not because of their pricing strategies but also because of various other factors. When Steve Jobs introduced iPhone, the world was surprised when he was able to combine a phone, an internet navigator and an iPod. Today, Android is a similar platform and has grown in many ways. Thus, when another competitor has come up solving the same way with a different approach, the people's mind may jumble between both companies. It is a common statement and also a question, "Is Apple innovative still after Steve Jobs?"

Is Apple Innovative after Steve Jobs

Tim Cook was made as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on August 24, 2011. Apple is always criticized by media and people for not innovating since Steve Jobs left Apple. Maybe, in some people's perspective, Apple is not innovating but the real fact is that Tim Cook has different ways in innovating Apple. In direct words, Apple is still innovating.

Since Steve Jobs left both Apple and this world, you might have noticed several features that came to Apple devices. Here are innovative features that were announced during the tenure of Tim Cook.

3D Touch

Apple introduced iPhone 6s and 3D Touch was introduced along with the device. The 3D Touch actually knows how much pressure you give to touch the screen. Depending on the pressure the screen receives, the iOS behaves. This is not brought by any of the competitors. If you think Apple has not innovated from iPhone 6 to iPhone 6s, you should rethink.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is actually a breakthrough in the industry for its accurate heart rate and ECG (or EKG) readings. The Apple Watch Series 4 can provide accurate results just like a physical ECG (or EKG) device. Accuracy is an important factor when it comes to analysing a human body. Apple Watch is the first smartwatch to have a sensor that can provide you with ECG readings.

Face ID

The most secure way to unlock a smartphone is Face ID. It was introduced in iPhone X. There are a lot of comparisons on Face Unlock of Android devices and Face ID of iOS. This is a cheap and dumb way to compare as the way both works is different. Face Unlock uses camera whereas Face ID uses Infra-red Dot Projector. The latter beam several infra-red lights to identify your Face, whereas the camera just uses a photo. Face Unlock is a facial recognizing software just like your social media recognizing your face but Face ID senses the depth of the face.

Dual Camera with Telephoto Lens

The "Bokeh" effect was introduced in iPhone 7 Plus with a telephoto lens where the camera can know the depth of an image taken on iPhone 7 Plus. This effect was once in a dream for a smartphone camera but Apple made it possible.


I even thought AirPods was dumbest but I bet it is awesome if you are in an Apple ecosystem. AirPods do connect to iPhone instantly and there is no hassle in setting it up. You bring your AirPods near iPhone and it connects just like that. The way the gesture controls are built inside the AirPods like switching songs, Siri shows how is Apple innovate.


Apple is still innovating under the leadership of Tim Cook but most of the people like Steve Jobs way of innovation. Steve Jobs saw everything differently whereas we could not expect the same rate as Tim. Apple has really gone slow in innovation while there are a lot of competitors out there to launch before Apple tries to launch. However, certain unique features of Apple are the only reason why Apple is still an outstanding manufacturer of the smartphone. Is Apple innovative? Yes, it is, but differently innovative under Tim.