If you are addicted to Facebook, you might of noticed someone posting a 3D photo where the background moves while scorlling the new feed. Do you know how to post 3D photos on Facebook like your friends or pages do? In this article, let us discouss how to post 3D photos on Facebook. You might require some prequisites to post 3D photos on Facebook. Here is what you need.


3D photos feature is currently under beta version on Facebook, hence you need to like Facebook 360 page to avail this feature. Next, you need an iPhone with Telephoto lens. This means that only following phone will have the ability to post 3D photos on Facebook.

  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone Xs
  • iPhone Xs Max

Install Facebook app and do not use browser version, if you own any of the above devices.

Steps to Post 3D Photos on Facebook

  1. Open up Facebook app.
  2. Search for facebook 360 official page and hit "Like"
  3. Close your Facebook app from background too.
  4. Open Facebook app again.
  5. Tap on "What's on your mind?" where you'll write status.
  6. Tap on three dots at top right of the status editor screen.
  7. You will find 3D Photo. This will open your Portraits folder. 3D Photos on Facebook
  8. Choose a portrait photo and Facebook will render it as a 3D photo.
  9. Add a caption.
  10. Tap on Share to post status.

Facebook is able to render the photo as 3D because the telephoto lens on the iPhone provides enough parameters to show up the photo in 3D. This is why other smartphones without telephoto lens cannot post 3D photos on Facebook. ALSO SEE: How To Share 3D Post on Facebook Here is a video from Facebook 360 which will also guide you.

Do you own an iPhone with telephoto lens? Go and try to post 3D photos on Facebook. It's time to impress and show off your friends that you own a cool iPhone.