We can clearly see that Samsung is growing at a faster pace. In the year of 2007, we will be in eager to know what Apple has brought for us, but nowadays all the Apple events are boring and we get to know what Apple is going to release. In the current era, Samsung has taken its place and its innovating in the smartphone display department. During the Samsung Developer Conference that was held during November 7-8, 2018 triggered up a lot of Samsung fans. One of the most innovative announcement was Samsung foldable screen. Samsung manufactures the best devices with the best screen when it comes to flagship devices. Even budget Samsung smartphones are getting better day-by-day. The price of the Samsung smartphone is not pretty high like Apple does, hence we can find Samsung smartphones at a reasonable price.

New Samsung Foldable Screen

The company unveiled the Samsung foldable screen during the Samsung Developer Conference 2018. It is foldable that you can use as a smartphone with 4.6 inches by folding and when you spread it out, you can use it as a tablet featuring a 7.3-inch display. This is a great breakthrough in the display industry. Samsung Foldable Screen Smartphone Samsung is an expert in bringing out such display units. In the year 2013, Samsung introduced flexible display calling it as "edge-to-edge" display. You can see such display in almost all the flagship Samsung smartphones. However, that was not actually flexible, but we can call it as "curved" display. Samsung Bent display smartphone

LG Flexible Smartphone

In the same year, LG unveiled an unbreakable flexible display unit where the display will be flexible for certain extent. However, LG did not implement it in any of the latest smartphones and is still a dream for getting such a flexible display.

LG Unbreakable and flexible smartphone

First Generation Samsung Foldable Smartphone

When Samsung unveiled the edge-to-edge display, it was thought like LG that edge-to-edge display are still a dream. They made their first generation of edge-to-edge display and later it got improved and they were implementing it on all flagship Samsung smartphones until the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The company has only announced the Samsung foldable screen which needs a lot of improvements. This is the first generation of Samsung foldable screen. The Samsung foldable screen had a large bezel which is unfit for the current trend of smartphones rolling out with around 90% screen-to-body ratio. The company unveiled its foldable smartphone by dimming the light where the display was not so bright and appealing. Samsung has partnered with Google to adopt the operating system with a foldable smartphone. When a Samsung foldable screen is set to run regular apps, it must be adapting when the display is folded or unfolded. For example, the Samsung foldable screen will look like a responsive web page where the elements will automatically adapt to its size. Samsung foldable smartphone is like a convertible laptop where you can use a laptop as a tablet, just like Microsoft Surface Pro. A convertible laptop weighs more and we do not prefer a tablet in that way. However, a smartphone convertible to a tablet is much preferable. What is your opinion regarding this Samsung foldable screen? This smartphone is a first generation smartphone and the company isn't going to launch anytime sooner without the improvements. Samsung is already pioneer is display units and hope they will launch a smartphone with the current trend. A bezel-less,Ā foldable screen smartphone can help Samsung compete with the current trend.