I am a full-time Apple user and every year when Apple launches a new iPhone or iPad or Mac or even upgrades to the operating system, I feel very much excited. I am surrounded by a beautiful garden that Apple has built for me, called Apple ecosystem. Steve Jobs had created a strong foundation that attracted me to Apple ecosystem and it is now hard for any users who are stuck inside the ecosystem to come out. This is because every device is interlinked and to get the data out of one device to another device which completely has a new software is HARD. Let us forget about the data migration, ask yourself a question - Do you find Apple Events Exciting? Why Apple Events no longer exciting? Apple Event No Longer Exciting Here are several reasons why Apple events no longer exciting.

Same Design Upgrade

We have been used to Apple. Every two years when Apple launches an iPhone, there will be an upgrade to design. The design is completely redesigned and the very next year of design upgrade, there won't be any design upgrades but just the specifications, which they call as "incremental upgrade".

Specifications Upgrade

We all know that technology is advancing. Apple is also updating their technology stack. Hence, they integrate new specifications to every Apple device they make. If they don't what's the use of launching a new device next year? Now, this is not an innovation. We call them an "upgrade". Apple disappointed us by providing "upgraded" iPhones and not innovated one. Apple is going to bring 5G on next iPhone, the rumour says. Samsung is working on 5G. Mi is working on 5G. OnePlus is working on 5G and what not? When there are advancements in networking, smartphone manufacturers should adapt to it and bring it to people, every manufacturer is working on it and everyone will bring them one day. Apple isn't unique.

Tim Cook is Boring

Since Tim Cook became the CEO of Apple and we all started to hear from him during various Apple Events, it was exciting for the first time, but not after the first time. Every time Tim Cook boasts about their new product or their product upgrade, I could only hear "the most", "the most", "the most" -- all we want to ask him is to quantify "the most". "the most advanced operating system we've ever made" "the most thinnest ipad ever" "the most lightest laptop ever" "the most advanced iphone we've ever made" "the most personal device we've ever made" "the most convenient way to get connected" This is why I find Cook's speech boring in the event. I am an Apple user too and I know they make great products. I love using them, but the Apple Event no longer exciting to me when the same description is labelled every year to their products.


I remember when Steve Jobs introduced iPhone 3G, he wants to make the iPhone affordable. So the prices were not much higher than the predecessor of iPhone 3G. Now Apple is at the next level of pricing the products. Every time Apple launches the product and says, it's an affordable smartphone, they are lying. Apple is a trillion dollar company and maybe it's affordable for Apple itself. That way, Apple did not lie to you. It was affordable for themselves.


Apple Events became no longer exciting just because a lot of competitors started to make the same features at less price, also providing the same quality of the product. Apple is still innovating, they made Face ID. They introduced TelePhoto lens that can detect the depth of an image. They make faster processors that make complex machine learning algorithms to run faster. They show a great benchmark score compared to other flagship smartphones. Some products are failing to satisfy the customers as customers are now having a lot of options. Apple is still innovating but very slowly. Apple Events no longer exciting because another competitor has already made them or has a better solution than Apple. I have just shared my personal opinion about how Apple Events were boring as compared to previous times when Steve Jobs launched iPhone. Let me know your thoughts too in the comments below.