In a recent Apple Event, when Craig Federighi demoed the Face ID, but unfortunately, the Face ID did not work. Craig had a backup iPhone X with him and thus showed the public a demo of Face ID successfully. Apple Event is one of the biggest events and if something wrong happens, it is a black mark for the company and people think that the feature will not work properly. Craig was fast enough to take out a backup phone to demo a Face ID successfully, but everyone wants to know what happened when Craig demoed Face ID with the first phone. Apple Face ID did not fail but there is a reason that seems to be acceptable. When Craig demoed Face ID of iPhone X, the Face ID worked, but still, the phone asked passcode. This is because, when an iPhone is unlocked with a wrong fingerprint for several times, the iPhone needs the passcode to enable fingerprint even when you provide a correct fingerprint after several numbers of failed attempts. This feature is already seen in iPhone 5S which got fingerprint feature for the first time. The same applies to Face ID too. Before Craig came for the presentation, the iPhone X was used by several people who were not Craig, and thus iPhone made several failed attempts and during the presentation, Craig was asked for the passcode to enable the Face ID. Apple Face ID Did not Fail Do you think Apple made a bold move by replacing fingerprint with the Face ID? Of course, yes. Every time, when Apple introduces a feature to their devices, it is known that the feature is perfect among all its competitors. However, their competitors come close to Apple, for example, Samsung. Face ID might fail or succeed, but the company often tries to push the technology forward by ditching the old technology. For example, removing the USB 3.0 ports on a MacBook Pro and providing only USB Type C ports is one of the boldest move made by Apple. When people are still using USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, Apple wants people to switch to the new technology. This move has not only made users to switch to the new ports but also made other Laptop manufacturers switch to USB Type C ports. Apple's Face ID might work in dark, detects only if a person's eye is open, learns the growth changes in the face, but still, they have some disadvantages like anyone can take your phone and show it to your face, the iPhone gets unlocked. Also, we know that Arab women wear hijab to cover their faces, and do iPhone X's Face ID work for them? Apple says that Face ID works even in dark, but if Apple has made the Face ID feature to penetrate through the hijab cloth and detect the face, then Face ID is a successful feature for sure, at least for the Arab women who wear hijab. Share your comments below. Are you going to buy iPhone X with Face ID? Or, are you waiting for expert reviews before buying it for your own?