Apple's MacBook Pro is one of the best laptops that you will ever see. Both regarding design and quality, Apple outranks and attracts every customer who buys MacBook Pro. Being an Apple fanatic just because he or she owns an iPhone is dumb, but an Apple fanboy with a MacBook Pro is a person to be considered. The operating system and hardware work in a much collaborative manner that makes the user love the work what they do. Here are the leaked MacBook Pro 2016 features.

New MacBook Pro 2016 Specifications

Apple may release the all new MacBook Pro in a month or two, this fall. After this release, you may get your iOS 10 and macOS Sierra available for download officially.

MacBook Pro 2016 Features

#1 Touch Panel

As there are many sources regarding the touch panel on the new MacBook Pro, it is likely to believe that the new MacBook Pro specification will comprise of a touch panel that will have basic functionalities such as, battery indicator, music, and others.

#2 USB Type-C

MacBook was the most lightest and thinnest laptop from Apple. It contained only one USB Type-C port for all purpose. To connect multiple devices to MacBook, you need a connector/convertor that may look like an "octopus". As USB Type-C is becoming common on laptops of other brands, the all new MacBook Pro 2016 may contain the Type-C port.

#3 Less Port

In each evolution of MacBooks, Apple seems to lessen the number of ports available on the MacBook Pro. Apple may reduce the number of USB ports or even remove USB 3.0 ports completely and implement Type-C port. MacBook Pro 2012 version had Ethernet port which is completely removed in successors. Heard about the iPhone 7 with no headphone jack? MacBook Pro lovers should be aware of Apple's activity to reduce the number of ports.

#4 Touch ID

Like iPhone 5S and above, the new MacBook Pro 2016 may contain a Touch ID that helps you to wake your MacBook Pro or turn on your MacBook Pro.

#5 Butterfly Keyboard

The latest innovation of Apple keyboard was the butterfly mechanism which makes a user to be comfortable more than the previous version of the keyboard. Apple will soon implement on other variants of MacBook, and it is supposedly coming in MacBook Pro 2016.

#6 Multiple Color Variants

The new MacBook Pro might be available in space gray considering the welcoming of such MacBooks. The gold variant is a bit doubtful for a Pro version, but space gray seems to be satisfying a professional look.

What is your thought on all new MacBook Pro 2016? MacBook Pro 2016 is one of the most expected laptops from Apple than any other. Please input your opinions in the comments below.

Image: Martin Hajek