After joining with Android, Samsung has really got a good position in the market. Though they are very much creative at the beginning, most of the people were aware of their creativeness only after days since they started making Android smartphones. Recently, there was a talk about Samsung Galaxy S3. It really had good features than a iPhone. As it was powered by Android, it had large number of applications on Google Play Store. The phone was also available in reasonable price than any other phone which just acted as a status symbol to the people. In the CES 2013, Samsung has showed two different smartphones which can be bent. They used a Samsung Flexible Display on the phone.

Brian Berkeley, Senior Vice President at Samsung showed off Samsung Flexible Display Phone. He introduced two smartphone in which the screen can be bent. The first one was flexible enough. A display screen was lifted from a small storage medium. Though the screen can't be taken out completely, it was flexible. He said that it can't be rolled or made like a pipe. but it can be bent to certain amount.

Samsung Flexible Display Screen

The another phone was actually like a small book where the screen was bent at one end. The advantage of using this phone is that, you can look at the text notifications without even having to open the phone. Actually, you can look the whole screen only when you open the book. When we look at the right side of an ordinary book, we could see the bunch of pages. Here, in this phone we could see the screen that displays text notifications in a marquee scrolling style.

Samsung Bent display smartphone

The technology used on the screen is quite different than any other mobile screen. Here, instead of a glass, they had used a flexible plastic and thus we can easily bend the screen. They use a OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diode as a display medium.

Advantages: The phone might be smaller when compared to other smartphone. Instead of having a bigger screen inside a pocket, you can just insert them in a storage medium and have it in your pocket. this may not damage your display screen too.

Disadvantages: The phone should come in a neat and well packed manner because, it is said that if any leakage occurs from the display screen, it might harm the environment particularly, it is much reactive towards oxygen. Complete and well sealed displays might keep the environment safe but that cannot be assured to 100%.

Release of Samsung Flexible Display Phone:Ā Samsung has not yet released this smartphone. Considering the disadvantages, Samsung might want to overcome certain things. Samsung has not yet announced any release date for Flexible Display phone. But some sources says that it may bring this technology to people.

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