We recently posted about how mobile data is becoming cheaper than previously in India with Jio that uses VoLTE. At over 30 countries, mobile data speed is becoming faster and also reliable than WiFi. The next generation 5G is about to arrive, maybe in the next year which may bring the fastest mobile data, cheaper outgoing calls and also with better voice quality.


A survey has been taken place conducted by OpenSignal from samples taken from the period of August 5, 2018, to November 3, 2018. The company collected data from over 7 million devices and have reported the speed at which various citizens are experiencing internet speed at both WiFi and mobile data. The mobile data speed is determined by various factors such as signal strength and also the type of connection, for example, 4G is the fastest for now. However, in some developing countries, due to a lot of subscribers, the speed deteriorates and other non-populated networks do provide a better 3G data speed than a popular telecom providing 4G data.

3 Countries with Fastest Mobile Data Speed

In the world countries, Australia's mobile data speed averages to 34.6 Mbps when compared to average WiFi speed, the difference comes to 13 Mbps. The second country which provides the fastest mobile data is Lebanon where the difference between mobile data speed and WiFi speed is close to Australia which is 12.3 Mbps. The third country who provide fastest mobile data is Qatar. The WiFi speed at Lebanon averages only up to 2.5 Mbps which is why most of the citizens do opt for mobile data. Mobile Data Speed SurveyUsing mobile data over WiFi has its own disadvantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantage is the mobile data is not reliable as it is a wireless signal but if a telecom provider is quality enough to provide signal at most of the places, mobile data is surely a best thing to rely on over WiFi. Is your country providing a great performance in mobile data? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo courtesy: OneSignal