Facebook is testing a feature where the Messenger lets you watch movies together. The growth of Messenger is fast and also gives a good user experience. Facebook is also going to introduce a feature that lets you undo sent messages which are already found in WhatsApp. Messenger already lets you play games with friends. Gaming together on Messenger has already been fun these days where you create a Messenger chat group with the game enthusiastic friends and play a lot of games for fun. Just like the interesting basketball game over a basketball emoji! Messenger is already equipped with a lot of third-party applications which you can use them with friends together. Now Facebook is secretly testing the feature to watch movies together on Messenger. This feature was first spotted by Ananay Arora, CEO of TimeBound and has published a tweet. Ananay says that its called "Watch Party."

It is really great to watch videos together in Messenger with friends. The Messenger may also allow all the friends in the chat to control the video and can chat simultaneously. Just like when everyone chats during a live video. The feature to watch videos together on Messenger might also be interesting. If video streaming partners such as Netflix or Amazon Prime could bring up their third-party apps to Messenger, then it would be better. However, as these streamining parters are premium and hence it is doubtful to bring in a place where people can watch for free. Hotstar is an exception. They have a free membership where it lets people to watch movies together for free. Let us see if Facebook might bring the feature to watch movies together with third-party support, or just the Facebook videos which we can watch together. It would also be fun when we watch any entertaining Facebook videos together with friends. This move of Messenger will not only increase user experience but also encourages people to upload more videos on Facebook so that they can watch together with friends.