Every year there seems like a trend that is seen in smartphone market. A certain smartphone manufacturer comes up with a new design and suddenly every competitors start following the same design pattern and makes it a "trend". According to several leaks and reports of most awaited flagship smartphone like iPhone XI and Pixel 4, the design leaks shows that they posses a square shaped camera. Square Camera design iPhone

Is "Square Camera" a Trend for 2020?

When iPhone XI design was leaked from a trusted source, netizens started to show hatred towards the design. However, Apple fanboys and fangirls did not care about the new design leak. iPhone is said to posses 3-camera setup integrated on a square shaped bump as per the leaked reports. After the iPhone leaks, Google Pixel 4 design was on the way which also contained a square camera. Now its time for other chinese competitors to bring in the same design.

Are leaks believable?

Most of the leaks of Apple and Google regarding the smartphones have gone true in the past 3 years. Thus as per the statistics and source of the rumour, the probability of leaks getting into reality are high. Let us wait for September and October this year to see what Apple and Google has brought for us.

Past Trends

2015 - Big Screen

The smartphone craze seems to be high among people as technology advances. In 2015, the large screen smartphone were trending. I remember Steve Jobs once told, "No one is going to buy a big phone". This law has broken when people started to go for large sized smartphone in the year 2015.

2016 - Dual Camera Setup

The next trend in the year 2016 was, dual camera set up. Smartphone with dual camera brought a new trend of including a telephoto camera on its rear. Some chinese smartphone manufacturers even included a dual camera setup in the front as well.

2017 - The Notch & Bezel-less Smartphone

When the leaks of iPhone X was going viral, people were all crazy about the notch which said to be found in iPhone X. Essential, a smartphone manufacturer came up with a notch before the iPhone X was launched but that was not a huge notch. The main purpose of the notch is to provide a bezel-less display and the notch was made to integrate camera and ear piece which could not be built below the display, hence the notch. Dual camera setup was actually a real craze in 2017 while it actually started in the year 2016.

2018 - Triple Camera & In-display Fingerprint

The innovation to capture quality images on a smartphone have gone to a great extent that some of the manufacturers built smartphone with triple camera setup providing more features. Also, the in-display fingerprint sensor which was first found in Vivo smartphone is now found in several top smartphone manufacturers.

2019 - Moving Camera

The moving camera design evolved as people were seeking a true bezel-less smartphone. The smartphone manufacturers are already in R&D to develop an in-display camera, however, that would take a lot of time. Thus smartphone manufacturers have a moving camera setup for a selfie camera. Some manufacturers are smart that they have a "flip camera" setup where the rear camera flips to take selfie shots.

2020 - A Square Camera Bump?

The biggest sources where competitors inspire from are Apple and Google. When leaked reports already shows that these smartphone might come with a square camera design, other chinese competitors might have already been working with the similar design. May be or not. What do you think about a "square camera" design? Do you really like it? What if it becomes a trend in the next upcoming year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.