Now a days, I”™ve been noticing myself interested in smartphone apps. I don”™t own a smartphone but I hope, I”™ll soon get a good one. Well, it”™s not so mandatory for a blogger like me to use a smartphone but as the number of smartphone users have increased to an enormous extent, it”™s time for me to share my knowledge with smartphone users as well. It”™s really hard to create an own app for your blog when you don”™t own a smartphone but still, the possibility exist. Without writing even a single line of code, you can create RSS feed app for WordPress blog that can run on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

I have been browsing a lot and found an awesome tool with which you can create a mobile app for your WordPress blog. IdeaPress! This is especially for bloggers who blog on an open source platform “WordPress”.

How to Create Mobile App for WordPress blog with IdeaPress?

Well, it”™s simple as you paint a picture on Paint.

Step 1: Go to and make your own account. It”™s free and takes less than a minute to make a one.

Step 2: After signing up, login to your IdeaPress dashboard and press “Create Site”. Before entering the details into those text boxes, let us configure our WordPress blog to create the app.

Step 3: To be ready, you need to install “IdeaPress JSON API” Plugin on your WordPress blog. Search the plugin name directly from your WordPress admin panel or grab them from website and install them into directory.

Step 4: Activate the plugin and come back to the IdeaPress site.

Step 5: Provide your WordPress blog URL and other required details.

Step 6: You are almost done in setting up the app and your blog for making a mobile app. Now, you just need to customize your application style and contents to be available on the mobile app.

Feed App for WordPress blog

The best thing about IdeaPress is, you can create apps for all the popular mobile platform namely, Android, Windows Phone and iOS.

Step 7: After customizing, you can publish your app by paying IdeaPress. There are three different pricing plans each comprising certain services provided by them. You may choose any according to your needs.

How IdeaPress can help your blog?

Ideapress can bring you a lot of readers. This can increase your blog”™s reputation a lot. Your social profiles will go higher. IdeaPress has also provided the feature to share your blog post on social networking sites and thereby, you could see a large number of traffic than previous days.

Readers don”™t have time to read a blog on PC

Usually people don”™t have the habit of reading the blog but they scan. This is not the same case when they are on mobile. People used to spend a lot of time on their mobile phone while they go to bed or when they are travelling. When you have got an awesome blog to read, then it is quite probable for a smartphone user to open up your app to read your interesting articles.

Make More Money

As your traffic and social sites are growing, you will obviously see a drastic growth in your income as well.

Becoming Popular is just Expanding

Making an app with IdeaPress just expands your current stage of business status and can help you reach more people than at a normal rate. The more you expand, the more people you get to know.

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