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Blur Content Behind Div on Scroll With CSS Like iOS [How To]

Elevate your web design with a tutorial on how to blur content behind a div on scroll using CSS, replicating the effect seen on iOS. Enhance the visual appeal of your website by implementing this creative and dynamic scrolling feature, adding a touch of sophistication to your user interface.

Mac-like Swipe Back and Forward Touchpad on Browser for Windows

Enhance your browsing experience: Discover how to enable Mac-like swipe back and forward gestures on your Windows touchpad, bringing a familiar navigation style to your web browsing.

How To Find Safari Version on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Quickly determine the Safari version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with this easy guide. Explore the simple steps to check and ensure you have the latest Safari browser updates for an optimal browsing experience on your Apple devices.

Listen YouTube While Using Another App [How To]

Enhance your multitasking capabilities: Discover how to listen to YouTube videos while using another app, maximizing productivity and entertainment on your device.