I always wanted to stick with the latest version of software that I use on my computer or smartphone. I am a web developer too. As a developer, I often recommend people to update their system to latest so that they are far away from bugs and security threats. I have joined a company as a web developer. I understood testing websites under various versions of web browsers is an important thing to do as people all over the world do not use the same version, and we do not have right to force them to use the latest version always. The testing team at my company asked if we can find Safari version on iPhone, I went to Settings and other sources. None worked out. Apple did not have a section to show the version of Safari. About Safari link under Safari Settings did not contain the version number too.

Most of the companies who does web testing often mention the operating system version for iOS when its tested on Safari for iPhone, iPad and iPod.

They just mention, "Tested on Safari for iOS 9.3.2".

Apple does not provide Safari updates to users so that they can update themselves. Safari for iPhone, iPad and iPod comes with the operating system. Safari is updated whenever there is an iOS version update.

However, we can find Safari version on iPhone, iPad and iPod, or any other iOS devices, not on Apple Watch, though.


We require an HTML editor to make an HTML file and run a small Javascript on it. Thus, let us make use of W3Schools' TryIt Editor to find Safari version.

Steps to find Safari version on iPhone, iPad and iPod:

Step #1: Take out your iOS device and open Safari app.

Step #2: Navigate to W3Schools TryIt Editor.

Step #3: Modify the <body> tag to this: <body onload="alert(navigator.appVersion)">

Step #4: Tap Run button and an alert box show up the Safari version on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Simple, Right?

Here is a screenshot explaining the part that denotes your Safari version number.

Find Safari Version on iPhone

I use iOS 9.3.5 and Apple provides Safari version 9.0.

A simple attribute to body tag exposes the version of Safari on iOS. Apple should not hide the version number on iPhone or any other iOS device. It looks like Apple updates Safari for iOS only on a major OS upgrade. Safari for iOS 9.0 has Safari 9.0. Apple provides security and bug fixes on the OS leaving the Safari.

Hope it was easier enough to find Safari version on iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you have any other ideas to make this process, even more, simpler, you can always comment below.