Performing pranks at college is fun and when pranks are performed on computers at your college, the level of entertainment goes beyond the happiness you will actually feel for anything. There is one hurdle that every student who uses internet at college will come across. It's internet censorship! Your college might have blocked several social media and dating sites that you will actually have fun at such age. Your internet fun at college is censored. However, we have got some funny pranks with college computers that you can perform with your friends.

#1 Flip/Invert Desktop Screen

Upside down screen prank with college computers

If your college computers uses Windows with a proper graphic driver installed, you should observe that pressing Ctrl - Alt - should turn your screen at various direction. Do this and turn off the monitor so that your friend or someone who uses that PC next, will freak his mind out.

If the keys are not working and if you notice that a proper graphic driver is installed, then you need to enable Graphics Hot Keys to activate the shortcut. To enable this, right-click anywhere on the Desktop, go to Graphic options, choose Hot Keys and enable it.

#2 Remote Shutdown

Your college computers should be connected on a same network and you need to be aware of IP addresses to perform this trick. To do this, go to Run (Hit Win key + R) and type:

shutdown -i

Add the IP address that you want to shut down.

Disable the seconds to wait because when the victim closes the warning dialog, the shut down action is canceled. Add few comments and voila! hitting OK button will remote shutdown your friend's computer.

Remote Shutdown friends computer at college

#3 Send Message

While all your computers are connected on a same network, you can send pranks and jokes as a message to your friends. Here are some ways to send prank messages over network.

Windows XP:

In the command line (Open using Winkey + R and type cmd), type the following command to send a message.

net send "Username" your message here

For example, if a username John has logged in on your network, then you need to execute this and hit enter.

net send "John" Hey! How are you?

Instead of username, you can also use computer's name inside the double quotes. To find the computer name of a victim, go to command prompt on the victim's computer and type hostname to determine the computer name.

Tip: net send * your message will send "your message" to all the computers on your network.

Windows Vista or later:

Go to command prompt and type the following command:

msg Username /domain:servername

Hitting enter will prompt you to type in a message. Type your message, hit enter and press Ctrl + Z and hit enter again to send your message.

Tip: msg * /domain:servername will message all users on the specified domain.

To find the domain name: Press Win key + Pause/Break and find out the domain name of your network.

Linux Terminal:

To send message from a Linux terminal, type the following:

wall "your message"

This will send your message to all users who have logged in to your network.

#4 High Contrast Screen

High Contrast Screen Pranks with College Computers

This is a less known prank of all shortcuts that people may know. So switching back might become somewhat tedious for users.

Press Shift + Alt+ Print Screen combination to turn on high contrast on your college computer. Each and every time when user logs into the computer, he/she might experience a high contrast interface.

#5 BSOD Desktop Background

BSOD prank at College

BSOD - Blue Screen Of Death

BSOD is one of the best way to make Windows users at your college to panic. Just set a BSOD screenshot as a desktop background and hide all desktop icons.

To hide Desktop icons, right-click anywhere on Desktop and choose View,  uncheck Show Desktop icons.

Also, set your Taskbar to auto-hide.

#6 Change AM/PM text to Funny Text

Most of you might have not noticed that Windows users can change AM and PM symbols to a customized one. Use this feature as a tool to prank your friends at college.

To do this:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Click on System and Security
  3. On the left pane, choose Clock, Language and Region
  4. Click Date and Time
  5. Press the Change date and time button
  6. Now press the Change calendar settings link
  7. Go to Time tab and change the AM and PM symbol.

Clock Settings at College

Hey! Look at here!

Prank Text on College Computer

#7 Change Internet Explorer icon to Google Chrome icon

This is one of the most popular prank to make a guy or a girl to freak out.

On the Desktop, right-click Google Chrome and choose Properties. On the Shortcut tab, click on Change Icon button to change icon to a different app.

Don't forget to change the name of the shortcut.

#8 Change Mouse Pointer

Busy Cursor Always

To make the victim freak out the most, change the mouse pointer to a one that arrives when your computer hangs or stays busy. Changing the mouse pointer to such busy cursor hand will make your victim to wait for a long time so that the computer becomes ready for the tasks to handle.

If you have a lots more to discuss about this, share with us and our readers by commenting below.