Technology has made man to lessen his efforts. A modern house will be integrated with technology stuffs to make man more comfortable. Here, I have some imaginations of a modern house. When technology comes to home, mostly we would have a Mobile Phone, a Computer, equipment for entertainment and other tech tools at kitchen. A human brain is made in such a way that it forgets any matter if that has not reached deep into the brain. We might have experienced this in real life. At home, office or anywhere. At home, we might search for the things which we have lost or misplaced. Technology can bring you a tool to search for misplaced things. A search engine for home will always index all the products you bring into your house. Sensors at each room will keep on track each product to get updated. Whenever a product is misplaced, you may search in your computer for seeing where the misplaced commodity is hiding behind.

When you get up at morning, technology should be improved. No more alarm which we don't care at most of the times. The bed which we sleep must get vibrated at a preferred time so that we could feel something weird like earthquake to get up instantly for the day's work.

When we brush our teeth, the mirror behind above the hand wash can be made to show percentage of germs in teeth when you show them at the mirror. It may also suggest you to brush further more or give some tips for keeping the teeth clean and filled with aroma.

Do your exercise and make sure that your body is fit for all activities. A medical scanning tool can be setup at your bedroom's entrance so that when you come out, it checks for your health and the records of that particular day will be logged in your computer. You may check them regularly for physical fitness. You may do the exercise regularly so that all records will be recorded in your computer. The computer will search about your physical fitness over internet and gives you some tips for making your body fitted physically.

Next is, when you go for bath, your bathroom door automatically scans your body for dirt. It may show you the percentage how far your body is exposed to dirt. So that you may get a conclusion to have a shower or just like ordinary bath.

Kitchen is the most favorite place for every person who likes to taste dishes. I guess cooking can't be made by technology but can be made easier using technological equipment. each person might cook in different tastes which is always unique. Any person's toughest job is to make idea for the next day's recipe. Your kitchen can be made in such a way which lets you updated to new recipes from internet. A large screen be setup at the of the oven so that it guides you with instructions for making new recipes and energy content of that particular food. If you want to keep your body in balanced diet, then it may take the data from medical scanning tool which you were already been part of it when you came out of your bed room. The might tell you the quantity to be eaten by you using the data sent by medical scanning tool. However, hungriness is always detectable by humans.

When you go for work, the lock can be opened or locked only by using a fingerprint password or face recognizing type of password to open the house door. You may also have a look on this: Turn your old computer into a security system. After you return back to home, just reveal the password to open the lock of your house door. This will be further secure than a lock and key because a lock and key can always be easily broken with a stone or hammer. If you use a password, the lock can always be inside the door so that no one will notice it and won't be in direct access to physical body. When you just reveal the password in the means of face or fingerprint, the lock might get opened so that you may have access to your home.

After you refresh yourself with a face wash, your mirrors shows up energy drinks you need to have by automatically syncing the climate. Then the next day, same repeats as a routine. Technology may make humans lazier but still can be used to make human efforts easy and a person can focus deeply in his work as other usual works are made automatic.

If you have any imagination or suggestion, you may comment below.