Blogging is a way to share ideas of a blogger to people around the world. Even, Internet functions just because of bloggers. Bloggers share information or ideas to people on the web. Can you imagine an internet without information? That”™s impossible. A blogger cannot run his or her blog successfully unless he or she is much enthusiastic about the blog”™s niche. Inspire and get inspired in blogging to develop interest towards it.

A blogger is a normal human being who gets distracted as others and postpones stuffs. He or she will have interest to write blog posts, build links and enforce some SEO strategies. Every blogger have a goal to get high Google Page Rank, a good Alexa Traffic Rank and a good Domain and Page authority. These stuffs could welcome more number of advertisers. Not only advertisers, but also it lifts their blog to a high standard in the web community.

Ways to get inspired in blogging

Some of the tricks and tips can improve or inspire bloggers. These ways mentioned below have inspired me well in blogging.

Hear to inspirational music

Let 60% of your songs in your playlist are inspirational. Whenever you feel tired or when you feel sad, just listen to them. You will be motivated to do the work. When you have failed in something, these songs can inspire you. Remember that when you are in joy, you will enjoy the music but when you are sad, you will actually understand the lyrics.

Failures are the stepping stones to success. Your whole life is governed by your mind. Assume your failure as a lesson and in next attempt, try to overcome the negative thing which made you to fail in last attempt.

Inspirational music make you joyful and at the same time enthusiastic about the next attempt to success.

Get inspired with quotes

Quotes works well in most of the cases. When some person advices you, you may feel bad at that time. On the other hand, if the same thing is written as a quote and shown to you, you will just analyze such quotes. Inspirational quotes might be powerful and effective. You may also create your own inspirational quotes which sounds right for you.

Follow a specific piece of quote in your life. Try to implement it by your hard and smart work.

Follow Great People

Great people means, it doesn”™t mean that they are Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc. The people who got success by running a small firm or company also have a history which brought them success stories. Bloggers may follow other successful bloggers. They are the one who are highly enthusiastic about their work. They don”™t blog only for money but they do love writing. That”™s why they deserve something.

Find such bloggers on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and start following them. You may also land on and meet lot of bloggers worldwide. IndiBlogger helps bloggers to find an Indian blogger and they even can search within their own city. Grow your friend list by addich such people and get inspired.

I”™ve been following some of the successful bloggers on Facebook and also I do follow their blogs. People consider social networking sites as distraction but when you add such people; your own distraction inspires you to do useful tasks. I”™ve been following bloggers like Pradeep Kumar (Slashsquare), Satish Kumar (Coolpctips), Rahul Kuntala (LearnBlogTips), Ifham Khan (Mashdesigning), Ahmad Awais (Freakify) and much more people. I have not shared any words with them privately but their Facebook statuses and blog posts inspire me well. Despite the inspirational posts, they also do provide tips to improve your blogs and your blogging skills. When they see some offers, they are more kind enough to share with their followers.

Have great people as role model; Follow them but never try to imitate them. Have your own unique strategies that will bring you success in your blogging career.

Follow blogs

None of the people have same idea. Follow blogs that inspires you well and also blogs of your blogger friends. Get astonished and inspired of their writing skills. You will be become filled with ideas of future blog posts that you do on your blog.

Have you ever wondered when you saw some blogs with good design or traffic stats? You must have. But wondering is different from getting inspired. Try to make a design or show better results than them. It”™s difficult for you at the beginning but thighs go smarter latter.

It is also better to become a member in a group which is administered by a great pro blogger. They should have made that group as a group to help other people. Most of the pro bloggers usually make their group as a helpdesk. Subscribe there, learn stuffs and get inspired by his posts and answers.

Read Interviews

Reading the blogger interviews inspires a blogger a lot. When we read such interviews, we will be coming to know about them. You might have wondered about such people that whether they have more than 24 hours a day or like that. Successful bloggers use software or tools to not to get distracted while they are working. I have never imagined such tools before I read a recent interview.

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Blogger interviews can show you a way how you a right path to lead a successful life. Though we may not imitate them, we may get some ideas to manage the time and spend hours in useful stuffs.

Share even if it is a small achievement

When you have achieved something, you may just share with friends around you or post your achievement on your Facebook profile. Your friends might congratulate you as well. Some people prioritize less themselves when they share such achievements with such bloggers. Remember that those great bloggers might not have forgotten about the same achievement done by them years ago. They can understand your feeling at that moment. For example, when you have written 50 posts on your blog, you will feel happy though when you share at other top bloggers, it may seem to be small.

Consider that you are in a bike race and if the person who rides faster than you looks back and sees you. He looks you smaller. And the same, if you look at that person, you may think that you have miles to overtake him.

“Congratulations” is not only a word that applauds about your success. They are the special words that tell you to move to the next level of the mission. They should be taken as an inspiration.

Blog income and Traffic

The two most important things that inspire every blogger are the blog income and traffic. The best inspiration of a newbie blogger is, getting approved by Google Adsense. We all know the moment when we received the first check from Google Adsense. A blogger is much inspired when he gets a good amount of traffic and income.

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For a newbie blogger, these two factors might inspire much than a pro blogger who earns more already. But still, he keeps a high target. Newbie bloggers might get advises from the below post so that you can drive more traffic to your blog.

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Get inspired everywhere

Some of the tips you can follow to get inspired everywhere at your home. Some of the tips are as follows:

  1. Write an inspiring quote in your computer or mobile wallpaper.
  2. Paste inspiring quotes everywhere, from your living room to toilets.
  3. If your TV allows you to set a welcome message, then set your favorite inspiring quote there.
  4. Set your favorite inspiring quote as your Facebook or Twitter status (Likes or Retweets that you get might inspire you as well).
  5. Use a notebook or diary which has a quote in each page.

If you are a part time blogger, you may also write your favorite quote on front page your notebook. When you see such quotes everywhere, you will get inspired even when something weird happens. Not only in the perspective of blogging, be brave and confident in normal life too.

Draft your blogging ideas

We may need to draft ideas in a paper or notepad to get some ideas before writing a blog post. These could be inspirational when you use different kind of notebooks with attractive colors of pages. These could develop interest to write or draft your ideas to blog on.

Instead of using a normal a Notepad or WordPad which is available in Windows, it is better to use notebooks with colorful pages. It tempts you to write more or draft more.

Writing Font

Writing in a specific font could be inspiring. Looks idiotic? No. If you really love typo styles and font styles, you will be more tempted to write stuffs. I always prefer Microsoft Word for writing blog post. The default Calibri font is much better to use than the font that appears while you write a post in WordPress or Blogger blog.

Stick to a beautiful and professional font that tempts you to write more. You should be enjoying the style and should inspire you as well in writing blog posts.

If you admire any font, set them as default one for Microsoft Word. Just press Ctrl + D in Microsoft Word; select your favorite font and hit in the Default button which will be usually at the left most corner of the dialog box.

Buy T-Shirts with favorite quote

Now-a-days, we could buy cool T-Shirts at cheaper prices. Instead of getting a normal T-Shirt, find T-Shirts with inspirational quotes. If you don”™t get a T-Shirt with a best quote, try searching for a T-Shirt which contains your favorite brand name. For example, computer geeks love T-Shirts which have brand names like “Facebook”, “Google”, “Windows”, “Twitter” and more.

How these T-Shirts can inspire you in blogging? When you wear these T-Shirts, you become a unique person in a crowd. Meet other bloggers with those T-Shirts or go for a picnic and start enjoying your writing while traveling.

While writing any posts, always have a look into it and think as though you will be called in such a reputed company to write Press Releases or update their official blog.

Help People

When you get some questions from people, always reply them. Do not be idle of be ignored for such messages. When you help people, you will become nice for them. Remember that when you share some post with them, they like your post just because they like you.

Grow but also give hands for other people to come up. Do not be jealous of people but be kind. When they start liking you and your blog, they will motivate you more by congratulating on your each success. As said earlier, congratulations are not for your final destination. They are the motive to continue your next mission. They wish that you get success in upcoming moves too.

Have People to get inspired

I already said that by following successful bloggers might inspire you as well. But personally, you should be always nice to your friend or parents or girlfriend who always motivates you in your career. Always respect them as well.

Have Fun

Don”™t become over inspired. That”™s not too good because when something happens unusual, you may give up at most of the times. You may have to expect failures too. So, do not always sit inside your room. Go out and have some fun with friends. Go to a shopping mall, cool your iris and then get back to your work for the remaining hours of the day.

Have your thoughts or do you like to share something that motivates blogger? Please feel free to share with us.