Blogging looks easy but if you work on it, the real strain and difficulty severely affects on you. It is an interesting job. People who blog just flow out of words though they weren't able to speak. They have the power of words. Bloggers can be made equal to a kind helper as they provide news, teaches things and much more. Good bloggers will always be rewarded by Google, both in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Adsense earnings. Always, people say, Content is king! This is always agreed. But bloggers must also make their article popular? But how? Search engines are one of the ways but also the type of content you post always matters. It drives more traffic to your blog.

Topics that drives more traffic

Do you think a lengthy article will make good on SEO? Not actually. Such posts may cover the keyword to the most but always your title and the other things which are required for SEO like meta description, URL and keywords matters. What type of content will actually drive more traffic? Where should I find? Well, I give your some ideas about the type of content which drives more traffic to your blog. To find topics, always be unique. Do not rewrite or copy contents. This advise is advised strongly to newbie bloggers.

Latest News:

The news which gets popular for some days always gets viral. It will be good if you post the article soon, I mean, the article must be published and indexed by search engines before other sites post about it. Gather more information regarding that news and write about it. Article must be written keyword based and must be posted soon as possible. This will give you traffic from search engines more instantly. StumbleUpon are good lovers of news. More traffic from StumbleUpon can be possible. Latest news gives you traffic only for few days till that topic is viral.


If you make a post which teaches something, I am sure you will get traffic always. But remember, only if the trick works. Some complex software like Photoshop, people search for the tutorial the post, so if you write anything about Photoshop tutorial, you will get traffic. Similarly, find any software that is complicated just for you. Find how it works and make something out of it. People who really need that, will search for that article and give you traffic.

Troubleshooting Problems:

This is always a trending topic personally because whatever the thing we use, we don't know when it malfunctions. Whenever their laptop or PC or anything that malfunctions, they search in Google for issues. When you can solve that problem, just try posting it. You can receive more traffic. Visit forums for any unanswered questions. Try to solve them. If you were successful, you may post them on your blog.


People always need tips before they need to buy a PC or Laptop or any other things. If you are well versed in it, then post some tips on buying some things and drive more traffic to your blog. Always make sure that you write a keyword based topics, I mean, density of the keyword in the article should be fair.

Unique or Creative Posts:

This means, Creating posts on your own. If you post a unique or creative post, always make sure all information you post about is genuine and authentic. But you can also do an example post. See also, how a future home will look like. A post similar to this will drive more traffic through social networking sites. People who do project can also use your article. Some may be from search engines too.

If you have any other idea, feel free to share in comments.