Facebook is a popular social network that is changing everyone's usual life style. People get addicted easily to such a powerful social networking site. People need to work for living but they sometimes do not work due to this addiction. Some of the Facebook users contacted me over Facebook  seeking tips to reduce Facebook addiction. CryptLife is a pioneer in bringing out Facebook tricks and tips. Even the editor of this blog is addicted to Facebook. We searched and experimented some stuffs to reduce Facebook addiction so that we could increase our productivity to give you more good stuff.

Reduce Facebook Addiction

We investigated on certain aspects that makes a person to get addicted to Facebook. To find if a person is addicted to Facebook, he may do most of the following things.

He or She will,

  • Check Facebook though he or she knows that the new notification would be some game requests.
  • Get addict to a Facebook game like Farmville or Criminal Case.
  • Often check for messages or notification from mobile.
  • Updates statuses or uploads photos about that happens in day to day life.
  • Interrupt or procrastinate important work by landing on Facebook after some time of that work.
  • Scroll down news feeds though he or she knows that the posts are seen already.
  • Try to increase number of followers or friends.

So, how you are addicted to Facebook? We have listed above some of important cases where a person gets addicted to Facebook. We have also seen most of the online marketers becoming addicted to Facebook. Though one of their work is to cover Facebook users, they sometimes do their marketing wholly on Facebook. Also, some of the online marketers fall on Facebook posts that are mostly diverting their attention. By this, they sometimes fail on their work.

How beginners get addicted to Facebook?

Most of the people who are not computer savvy hear the meaning of Facebook from a computer savvy person or a person who is already addicted to Facebook. When that person discuss about the things that happened on Facebook, he usually attracts a person who is not on Facebook. When non Facebook user loves the news what he heard from such people, he automatically thinks that Facebook is much awesome and he tries to sign up for Facebook. Then, Facebook again starts to react on him.

On the other case, even if a person starts a Facebook account by himself, Facebook starts reacting on him. This is sometimes much dangerous than the previous case because, the person who signs up for Facebook by himself may have high enthusiasm. He may become a king of Facebook sometimes or he may even encourage people to join Facebook. Mostly, they may not encourage but they just tell the fun and other incidents that occur on Facebook which makes the listeners to join Facebook.

Why people get addicted to Facebook?

Facebook has rich contents that make people to laugh and enjoy. In this competitive world, most of the people are seeking for happiness and peace. Though we say that Himalayas or foreign trips can bring peace, we should also say that Facebook too can change one's mind. People who are already addicted to Facebook, create a page and work hard for getting more audience/likes. The person who is already addicted to Facebook manages a page efficiently. Thus other newbies are trapped into their page. When the page administrators posts funny and amazing posts, people just get impressed with Facebook. Thus, this results in sharing posts on Facebook with friends.

Likes and comments to get more addicted

Facebook is an awesome social networking site ever but it is the one which introduced the button called "Like". When people starts liking your posts, you automatically feel like a super hero or something like that as you were awesome. I could see most of the relationships starts or ends due  to this "like" button.

People sometimes start to fight or chat in comments. This really makes a Facebook user to stay online for longer time. People are already trapped in this internet world. Facebook has made trapping much better.

How to stay away from Facebook? or How to reduce Facebook addiction?

There are some techniques that might slowly make you to concentrate on your work. One of the best technique with which you can reduce addiction and spend more time on work is, Pomodoro trick. Install "Strict Pomodoro" on your Google Chrome browser. Pomodoro will work with a concept such that a person is more productive when he takes some break between his work phases. Pomodoro recommends 25 minutes for  the work phase and 5 minutes for break. thereby, you will work for 50 minutes in an hour. This trick is much powerful and works great with you.

When you are in break phase, you will be having access to Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites whereas, when you are in work phase, all those site would be blocked by Pomodoro Google Chrome Extension.

Another way to get rid of Facebook is by closing all tabs and working on a single tab. Always make sure that you have a single tab when you work. You can open many only if it necessary for your work.

The above two methods will work efficiently if you are an online worker but if you aren't an online worker, yet you deserve as a Facebook addict then you can follow the tips below.

Meditation: Meditation works well to bring your mind to one state. It is much powerful and effective when you are a Facebook addict.

Physical Exercise: Most of the people who are addicted to Facebook become fat in few days. this is because, their physical work is reduced and they start to spend a lot of time in front of their PC, Laptop or mobile. Set a goal that you want to get a six pack and try to work for it. You'll get a girlfriend soon!

Involve in Sports: After Facebook, people have lessened their participation in sports. Just think a world before Facebook and the cups/medals you got through your favorite outdoor/indoor games. Go, get back your life!

Interact with friends or relatives: Instead of sticking to a place and scrolling though Facebook news feeds, call your relatives or invite guests/friends to your house. Just have fun with them. Imagine a life without Facebook. Most of the relationships is misunderstood by a Facebook chat. When you see their face personally, you don't have to suspect that person. Just love the way they react to your comments or jokes.

Play with Kids or Pets: If you have any kids, just spend more time with him/her instead of trolling your friends on Facebook. If you have a pet, play with it. Take the pet to neighbor's house and scare them. You will see a real world.

How about you? Are you a Facebook addict? If so, which one would you consider to be a best practice for staying away from Facebook. You may also share your own views.