There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn't buy a smartphone in 2018. In fact, buying a smartphone for long-term use in 2018 is a bad idea. With various improvements coming up in the year 2019, and when you buy a smartphone for long-term use, the device goes waste next year itself. Here are a few reasons why you should wait until 2019 to buy a new smartphone for long-term use.

5G is coming

Looking to buy smartphone for long-term use

OnePlus, Samsung and Apple are about to bring 5G devices and as soon as these manufacturers roll out 5G, the network or telecom providers will start to roll out 5G services. Hence 5G will be in your hands in the year 2020. OnePlus has already started to manufacture 5G and has also announced that the price of the new OnePlus with 5G might be $200 to $300 higher than the current smartphone price. While a manufacturer who manufactures budget flagship smartphone is announcing that the new 5G devices are costlier, it is obvious that Samsung and Apple might increase their prices of upcoming smartphones. However, it's worth the wait.

Ultrasonic In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung is currently working on ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor which is faster than a normal optical in-display fingerprint sensor. If you are impressed with the current generation in-display fingerprint sensor, you should wait until 2019 to get amazed more than now. You might definitely regret if you buy a smartphone for long-term use in 2018.

No Ugly Notch

Notch is ugly, that too on a Pixel 3 XL. If you are a big-time notch hater, you should wait until 2019 for smartphone coming up without the notch. In 2019, smartphones will have a punch hole screen where you will find 100% display but a small punch hole will be available on the screen for the camera. This punch hole is less ugly than the notch which is hated by many people.

Better Camera

A single camera is no more a trend now. A smartphone with an additional wide-angle camera or a telephoto lens is the trend. In 2019, more than 2 cameras on a single smartphone can change the way a smartphone can capture moments. Hence, if you are looking for a smartphone for long-term use and also considering a better camera, 2019 will give you a lot of surprises.


While Snapdragon 845 chip is capable to deliver a faster performance in 2018, wait for Snapdragon 855 which will appear in 2019. This will break most of the current benchmark records. Currently, Apple A12X Bionic chip is the record breaker but in 2019, Android smartphones might break the Geekbench record. With the craze going on in the smartphone industry, some manufacturers might even go for a smartphone equipped with a 16 GB of RAM.

If you are buying a smartphone in 2018, you will lose the features that may come up soon in 2019. You may expect your smartphone to last up to 3 years or more but if you buy a smartphone in 2018, you will miss out all those features.

Which feature that is coming up in 2019 are you eagerly waiting for? Share your thoughts in the comments below.