As the technology and the world is gradually changing, we need to update ourselves. Though upgrading to a new technology consumes some cost, it is essential to update ourselves. Just consider that you are still using a Nokia 3310 mobile phone. It's an older technology for mobile phones. Some may say to satisfy themselves that Old is Gold but you won't be getting maximum out of it which can ease your work. New technologies are evolved only to ease the human life and not to make life tougher. Here, you will be knowing what to consider before buying a smartphone.

Thing to consider before buying a smartphone

If you are going to buy a smartphone for the first time, then this will be useful for you. Smartphones are not used in all countries. Some of the undeveloped and developing countries are still using a mobile phone which offers them a feature for voice call and text messaging. Statistically, a talk has been buzzed around about the number of smartphone users worldwide. It has been proven that smartphone users have been drastically increased than previous years. The reason may be due to the increased status of people in a country or it may also be due to features that makes the life smarter and easier.

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With a smartphone, your world is changed. Your world is not only easier but also faster than ever. Now a days, it is possible for a person to call any person across the world through data call in a smartphone. his considerably decreases your phone network bill.


You need to consider the use for which you need to buy a smartphone. Smartphones are bit higher in cost. So, it's a must that you need to consider thing before buying a smartphone.

If you are a gamer, you need to buy a smartphone which have large screen, motion sensor and with a great processing speed and memory capacity. Most of the games for Android is pretty awesome that they size for more than 1 GB. We have a post on Top Android Games which you may look.

If you are a Business person, then fortunately, you will also need a big screen smartphone and also applications that can hold your business data like Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Presentation etc. Appointments and other calender functions are by default available in every smartphone.

If you are a buying a smartphone for education purposes, then you may go for a medium configured smartphone whose price range is not too high or too low.

Budget and Brand:

Budget may be the basic thing to consider after considering the use of smartphone. Fix a budget which you can afford for a smartphone. I have heard people saying that this brand is cheaper and that brand is costlier. This will be always true in this competitive world of business. One company will provide you the smartphone which features greater display quality and sound effects. And, another may offer you with quick responsive user interface.

We don't normally see for the user interface. We just think that we can manage with it. We do normally check the display and sound quality. But going into deep, people start to hate the brand when they find their smartphone to be complicated for the usage.

Hardware and Software Configuration:

Though you choose a best mobile for your usage and budget, your smartphone must work faster. It must also provide you a facility to extend its memory capacity so that you can hold data on your phone. Don't blindly get a smartphone by having its cost and features. Sometimes, the phone will have greater features with low price. you must be suspecting them as it can lack in their performance.

You must also consider certain things like touch sensitivity. Your smartphone may become annoying to your if the touch sensitivity is low on your smartphone. Good branded smartphones which are released now a days really have good touch sensitivity.

Now a days, Android is becoming popular among the mobile platforms. I was an Apple fan when Android didn't hit my knowledge. But then after, I was astonished to see that it works like charm and also it is an open source software. Smartphones which are equipped with Android was also cheaper than an iPhone. Choose a best platform for your mobile phone and also see that application which you want for your needs can work with that platform.

Call Quality:

As it is a smartphone, it doesn't mean that it won't have a bad call or voice quality. Some of the brands may lack such features but this is not much cared because, now a days most of the smartphone have good voice quality.

Network Support:

Some of the smartphones require a special plan for getting access. You can change your plan according to it but you must be able to choose a best network which covers most of the areas in your locality to have anytime access.

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