I was writing news articles these days. This article was planned to write long back but a thought made me to postpone this article. After my own personal incident occurred recently, it made me to share this with you. I recently learnt a lesson from an incident which occurred recently to me. Backing up files is a must that everyone should care to the most. My phone is a good assistant for me. Always, I fix appointments and to-do activities in the calendar of my mobile phone. I used to call or message my contacts mostly about important stuffs. Yesterday, due to some malfunction in my mobile, I was forced to use the “Restore Factory Settings” in my Nokia mobile. I really didn't expect my contacts to be erased. All contacts stored in the phone memory got deleted. Even my calendar notes disappeared after the restore. My phone was looking new after it got restarted.

Backing up files is an important activity to be performed by every computer user. Not only a computer user but also, if you use a mobile, it is much essential to backup your contacts, calendar, notes, to-do lists etc.

We use a computer where we store stuffs and believe that it will be in it for long time. Computers may go wrong or go failure due to error made by the human but not by itself. The error caused by the computer may be due to the computer user or the computer/ peripheral manufacturer or other external sources like power supply. We can't trust fully on a single computer for the data. It's a must that you must backup files on another device.

Technology has been now improved and it is more portable. Internet has become the main source for the development of world wide technology. Earlier, Backup was done by the people with the help of devices like Pen drives, external hard disk and more. The disadvantage while using these drives was though the devices were much portable, we have to carry them with us wherever we go. We, humans have habit of forgetting sometimes. Cloud Services replaced the disadvantages made by those devices. Most of the computers in the globe has been now connected to the internet. So, wherever we go, we don't have to remember any device to carry. Simply, we may access our files in cloud by connecting to the internet.

Backup files - Important activity

Backing up files can be done in many mediums. One of the best and reliable way to backup files is by storing files on the Cloud. Use Cloud Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft SkyDrive etc.

Did you know? Microsoft has integrated its cloud service, SkyDrive on all new Windows 8.

Windows Operating System lacked a cloud feature till Windows 7 series but now, like a Macintosh, now Windows has its own capabilities. Apple's iCloud have become more popular these days.

People like me feel lazy to backup files but from now, after experiencing this result, I am cautious regarding this. We have lots of improvement in technology but we must use it in a proper and efficient way. An alternative backup medium or alternative resource for files and data is very much essential in this technological world.

Don't forget to backup. If you forget, you have to forget your files.

Share your comments and ideas about backing up files. If you have any experience that made you stand in a critical position because of not backing up files, then you may share with us.