Blogging has become popular in every age groups and a small child of age 16 says that he runs a blog on WordPress or Blogger. Literally, blogging has boosted up my knowledge than other school/university activities that I do everyday. As Blogger is free and easy to use, many people run a blog on it and make handful of money. Some experts say that Google prioritizes Blogger blog the most than others but WordPress contains lot of options for SEO. This is the main reason why people switch from Blogger to WordPress blog. As domains are available for cheaper price now, it is not much hard thing to buy a one. I could see some people facing troubles while importing blog posts from Blogger to WordPress.

Import posts from Blogger to WordPress

Recently, one of my friend decided to move from Blogspot to WordPress but he faced some trouble while importing from Blogspot to WordPress. He had 115 posts and 12 comments. Using the Blogger Importer plugin for WordPress, he was able to import 10 posts out of 115 posts and 4 comments out of 12 comments. I didn't find where the problem existed but I tried removing the plugin and then re-installing it again but it didn't worked.

During the trouble, I noticed two things. They are, as I was continuously trying again and again, I was trashing all the posts that were imported incompletely by the plugin. The another thing I noticed was, the plugin imported 10 latest posts that appeared on the homepage of the blogspot blog.

I did two thing before I got all posts got imported to WordPress blog from Blogger blog.

  1. Emptied the trash on WordPress.
  2. Made the homepage of blogspot blog to show all 115 posts.

After performing these two activities, I tried importing posts from Blogger blog to WordPress blog again. It worked like charm. The plugin imported all 115 posts and 12 comments hung with those posts within a second. If you are in trouble while importing posts from Blogger blog to WordPress blog, then you may try above methods.

I would also like to research more about this issue. Please drop your queries below and I would experiment on it to help you.