Now a days, teenagers are actively participating in public meeting to convey something. Students who do College/ University education are supposed to do paper presentation about their own ideas. We may be expertise in technical skills but we may fail in communication. The way you communicate with people is the main key for the success. I guess, making videos online can remove stage fear completely. Have you ever watched movies of any simple story which got famous? There, the main reason is, direction. Though the success of a movie depends on story and performance of the artists, it also depends on how the movie is directed.

Remove Stage Fear by Making Videos Online

Out of all movie I watched, I think the movie "Ghost and the Darkness" is of a simple story but the direction and screenplay swayed lot of people. I loved the movie. Only when I tried to brief the story, I came to know that the story was a very simple one.

Practice always makes a man perfect. Before you do a seminar or a paper presentation, you need to practice a lot to perform better in front of the crowd. Instead of directly appearing before the crowd, one can make a hobby of doing videos online. Select about any topics and make a video about it.

You can also try writing creative articles but that won't help you in improving your communication or speaking skill. May be, it can improve your vocabulary.

By doing How to videos, you can improve your explanation skills. Whenever you are free, do a video explaining about any topic. That will become more fun. Upload your videos where you are already popular. If you are not popular yet, then try to become popular by uploading quality videos. Share your uploaded videos with your friends.

Before shooting a video

You need to consider certain things before making a video of yourselves. Please see that you are ready with all tools like your camera and room setup. Prepare something about what you are going to make video. Be clear on your concept or idea. If you want to have a writing board, then you may keep it ready before shooting. Make sure that you are comfortable with your room environment.

Are you a shy type person?

Initially, people are more shy to do videos. Just remove it off. But, how can you remove them off simply? While shooting a video, please see that you are focusing on your camera and concentrating on what you are saying. Don't think any other things which are not related to your subject. Be bold and consider yourself as a hero. You are the winner and you will be. Don't even imagine that you lose. If you are shy, that may not become a big issue while making videos but in front of the crowd, it may go as a big issue. So, while preparing videos itself, make a deep thought that your video will win many heart.

While Making Video

This is the main part for developing yourself. You are not making videos for becoming famous on YouTube but you want to remove the stage fear that exists on you. Have that in mind always and make the video.

  • Place your microphone away from you so that you can try to communicate louder. This can make you to speak louder at public places. In most of the public meetings and paper presentations, you will be provided with mic so  that you don't have to prioritize more about this point. If you are going to attend a meeting where you don't find a mic, then you must consider about this more seriously.
  • Let your camera cover your whole body because you can test your body language with the video you are making. Stand and explain about your topic.
  • While doing presentation before a crowd you need to have eye contact with the audience. Here, while making videos, make sure that you are in contact with the camera lens but don't focus your camera for the full video. You should remember that you are shooting this video to remove your stage fear. Look other materials which are nearer to your camera too. While presenting in the public, you need to focus on all people and not on just a single person.
  • Be confident that you can explain your views correctly and clearly. Don't become over confident because it can make you nervous in front of the camera.

After making a video

After the shoot, it's time for you to upload your video on YouTube and share with friends. Try not to edit your video. Welcome comments regarding the video. Just have a description that you have done your first video and you do expect feedback from them. Here, your audience are the one who likes/ dislikes your video and also the one who gives accurate feedback for your video.

Don't think you are ashamed

If you think, you are; If you don't, you aren't. The way you are taking things matters always. Try to take everything positively. No one is perfect at first attempt. Everyone is liable to make mistakes. So, when you receive a negative feedback, don't become dull. The one who gives negative feedback will become more important to you. Take his/ her feedback as a hurdle and break them in the next video.

Making videos and publicizing them publicly can remove your stage fear. After that with little effort you can win the crowd during public meeting or paper presentations.

Share your thoughts below in comments. If you have any other ideas, you can also suggest us. All the best for your preparation.