It is strange that the architecture of MacBooks are much different from a Windows laptop has. Most of the cooling pads focuses at the center of the laptop but these cooling pads don't perform better with MacBooks as they have a unique architecture of sucking air at sides and releasing heat between the junction of keyboard and the display screen. However, if you are a MacBook user, you have a couple of methods to keep MacBook cool much better than the ways that Windows laptop ever has.

As cooling pads don't perform better in MacBooks, there are a couple of ways with which we can keep MacBook cool.

The first way is by using Laptop Coolers that utilizes crystals to keep MacBook cool.

ThermaPAK Laptop Cooler

Unlike other conventional laptop coolers, this cooler does not have a fan. Thus they do not produce sound that you may sometimes hate.

ThermaPAK Laptop Coolers consists of crystals that melts and becomes cool when it gets heated. Thus when a hot laptop is present on those crystals, they become cool making the laptop to cool.

As body of the MacBook is made of aluminium, it absorbs the cold temperature from the crystal and thus it reduces the CPU temperature.

There are several models that you can choose from on ThermaPAK. The original laptop cooler of this type might cost more than the conventional cooling fans.

Can I use this on a Windows Laptop?

Of course, you can. It works the best than your normal cooling pads that uses fans to keep the laptop cool.

The second way to keep MacBook cool is by controlling your laptop's fan. This can be accomplished by using a software.

smcFanControl to Keep MacBook Cool

smcFanControl is exclusively designed for MacBooks running on 64-bit Intel based processors.

This software helps to speed up your CPU's fan speed just above the normal. The software also maintains the minimum speed that the CPU requires. Thus, even though the user reduces the fan speed to lesser speed, the software does not make the fan to rotate in lesser speed than the minimum demanded by the processor.

Keep MacBook Cool with smcFanControl software

It is recommended to increase the fan speed to little above the normal speed at which your fan is rotating. It is also said that running your fans at higher speed all time might reduce your fan's lifetime, or it may get damaged soon.

However, this software can make your hot MacBook cold within few minutes of running it on higher speed. After it becomes cool, you may switch to the default profile.

Is this software available for Windows?

Unfortunately, this software is not available on Windows but there should be some alternative to control the fan speed. As Windows computers can have different motherboards, this software doesn't seem to have a compatible version for Windows. If any alternative for this software on Windows is available, I will update this post for sure.

If you have a better way to keep MacBook cool, please feel free to share with us. Sharing with us will benefit other people who are seeking the same content too.


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