In the daily life, we live, we do something interesting to make the day better. For example, a man can make his wife happy by presenting something special to his wife. In our day to day life, computers have become main part of our life. Most of the times we spend time with computers. Earlier, people who are aware of computers and work in tidal parks will spend time on computers. But now, after the evolution of social networking sites, particularly, after the evolution of Facebook, youngster and children above 13 years started to spend time on computers. Here, i would like to share 40 computer or geek match words which can make techies a much great feel to use in their day to day life.

Computer Geek match Words

If you think in a geeky way, our day to day activities go sync with the computer and related technical terms. I recently saw a picture on Facebook which showed How Geeks meditate. Usually, meditation means, keeping the mind blank and clear for certain minutes or sometimes hours. But the picture showed in a geeky way. I came to idea to prepare this article only after looking at that picture. It showed, geeks will meditate like “Now Navigate to a blank page”, then “Now delete your history” and “In your mind's browser clear your cache”. This is just like emptying your browser's complete history and cache.

Also, one of my friend showed me a status.

“Once a programmer's mother asked the programmer to buy six eggs and if milk is available at the store, by two.

The programmer went to the store and bought two eggs. Why? The programmer went to the store and bought six eggs. Milk was available in the store, thus he bought two eggs.”

If you are a programmer, you'll understand this more clearly. In programming, if (milk ) { eggs = 2; buy(eggs); } else { eggs = 6; buy(eggs); }

Here are some 40 day to day activities which is made to relate to computers and related technical stuffs.

  1. Wake up = Boot up
  2. Brushing teeth = Switching off Bluetooth
  3. Bathing = Clearing your Temporary Files
  4. Regular Physical Exercise = Regular Security Updates
  5. Drinking Water = Charging
  6. Cooking = Preparing to Upload
  7. Eating = Uploading
  8. Face Make up = Page Layout
  9. Checking Face in Mirror Again once= Print preview
  10. Toilet = Deleting
  11. Urine = Torrent Downloads
  12. Taking Medicines = Scanning with Antivirus
  13. Nap = Log off/ Stand by
  14. Thinking = Loading
  15. Check in places = Logging in
  16. Quit a place = Logging out
  17. Taking Lectures/ Notes = Logging/ Copy Paste
  18. Dust Bin = Recycle Bin
  19. Wearing/ Removing Spectacles = Zoom in/ Zoom out
  20. Feeling Sleepy = Battery Low
  21. Confused = Error
  22. Writing = Printing
  23. Handwriting = Font
  24. Cycling = Loop
  25. Counting = Numbering
  26. Apologize = System Restore
  27. Register Note = Registry
  28. Thinking about past = History
  29. Sweating = CPU Temperature Warning
  30. Studying = Installing
  31. Breaking = Hacking
  32. Ingredients = Source Code
  33. Neighbor = Bluetooth Device
  34. Relatives from Abroad = Internet
  35. Correcting Mistakes = Find and Replace
  36. Translating = Compiling
  37. Mirror = Camera
  38. Defending with some stuff = Firewall
  39. Face Wash = Cleaning up Desktop icons
  40. Brain = Hard Disk Drive

Share your comments here. If you know any more words, please let us know.