It would be funny thing for anyone to say that, he doesn't have an email id. Even funnier when a teenager says, "I m not on Facebook". Funniest, When a college student who says, "I haven't used Google". It shows the need for the Internet. The dimension of Internet has changed a lot and also it is evolving. The basic element through which we access Internet is nothing but a browser. We all cannot forget the days we started using Internet explorer, Netscape navigator then upgrading ourselves to Mozilla Firefox and at last with Google chrome. Internet explorer has also evolved a lot giving a competition with recent browsers. Now all new one adds to the list that's none other than Torch browser, a chrome based web browser. Let's see what all it has and how it is different from other browsers.

Drag & Drop

Whether you want search or share, everything is possible by a drag & drop with torch browser. You can search for any content on any web page by just dragging it to the left of the browser where you get all search options such as web search, image search, videos etc. You could even easily share any content present on any page by selecting and dragging them to the left where you get all your favored social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Google + etc.

Built-In Torrent

Torrent may be your daily deed, if you are a hardcore download user. A third party torrent client or a software (Eg: µTorrent) may be required to download files through torrent. Torch browser has a built-in torrent to directly download torrent contents and seed them without the need of any supporting software.

Torch Browser

Media grabber

Its one of the hottest function of Torch browser. You can download any sort of media which is streaming, Whatever it may be either audio or video, directly from the torch browser.

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Update Status or Tweet your thoughts instantly

Drag and drop could only share the content available on pages whereas when you need to share our thoughts or status, there is also a feature added for you. The share button on the top easily lets you share your status on Facebook and Twitter instantly.

Got inspired? Hit to download a one for you.


  • Media grabbing works with all sites.
  • Built in torrent is great.
  • Drag and drop is effective for sharing content.
  • Instant social media interaction.


  • Normal downloading is as the case of Google chrome.
  • Interface is same as that of Google chrome.

How about you? Still using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox? Just try Torch browser to know its awesomeness.