Symbian on seeing this word, We get recollected to Nokia, one of the leading seller of mobiles all over the world. Symbian is actually  an mobile operating system which gets in with most of the Nokia's smart phones. With this article Symbian on the verge of extension I like to share  its boom in the recent past and its recession right now. As myself a user of Symbian belle operating system I am bit worried with its decline. Symbian Fall has really demotivated the existing Symbian users.

Symbian Fall

Symbian is a mobile operating system which was developed by Symbian limited. It was open source, when it was actually developed. It's most popular version  S60, Was  developed by  Nokia, Samsung and LG. Whereas other version UIQ was developed by Sony Ericsson and Motorola. Symbian limited was acquired by Nokia and so Symbian Foundation was being formed to make Symbian, free from royalty and to survive as open source. Nokia was by then the key contributor of  the Symbian's code, the other members  just remained in the group. Symbian was covering over 73% of the smart phone market in the year of 2006. It remained 42.3% of the global smart phone market in the year 2009. But, due to the lack of support from the other member companies, Nokia took the lead to manage and maintain the platform. Whereas the others mobile manufactures eyes were on the new upcoming mobile operating systems like Android and Windows.

Then came the Operating system of expectations with satisfactory result, The Android with primary app store of 25 billion apps and its power packed Goggle services. Android was adopted very quickly as it was able to be customized. The Symbian started to fall by then. Nokia was left aloof, So Nokia decided switching to the Windows market. It announced formally that it would use the Microsoft's Windows Mobile as its smart phone platform by then the app developers for Symbian also switched for developing apps for other platforms.

The Nokia made an outsourcing agreement with Accenture, to maintain and develop the Symbian operating system and also to provide services. With heavy competition  Symbian released the new version Symbian^3 in the end of 2010 up to which the Symbian was the leader in the mobile platforms. Symbian^3 came with Nokia's C6-01, C7, N8 and E7. Then Symbian was forced to give an update for survival, so it released Symbian Anna by 2011 which doesn't have anything very special. It just had an virtual portrait qwerty keyboard, square icons and improved browser.  Then came up the Symbian Belle renamed as Nokia Belle, it packed with 6 customize  home screens, redesigned widgets and pull down notification tab etc.

Though Symbian tried with giving some facilities with newer versions  it was not at all comparable to  Android, Whose growth was tremendous. Android was updating at a fast rate which packed with set of features for every version. Though Nokia managed to give Symbian based phone, Nokia 808 Pure view with 41 MP camera it doesn't make any hit in the market. The fall of Symbian is in the fear that it wont be in mere future.

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