Smartphones have become more popular among the people around the world. Smartphone makers and other such people say that smartphone can be made used by students but smartphones can also affect child's health and mind. Though the display screen of the smartphone is apparently large, the text shown in the display and the rays emitting from the screen really affects the nerves that are connecting to your eye and brain. It, not only affects the brain and nerves but also your character and behavior, that is the psychological things gets changed. Parents must follow some Smartphone safety for children to protect your child.

Smartphone Safety for Children

Out of my experience, I have a scenario how a child's brain will be affected by using a smartphone. I currently suffer with Absence seizures where I used to become unconscious or my mind will get freeze at any point of time. I become unconscious for around 6 seconds. Once I got fainted in the exam hall. That was the awkward moment for me. I was admitted in the hospital's Intensive Care Unit immediately and then after some treatments, I was able to see the world. I was advised not to use the technology equipment like computers, mobile phones etc. And, also I was supposed to avoid some beverages and eatables.

If your child uses the smartphone in large extent, then he/ she can be affected with any one of the following.

  • Addiction
  • Health Problems
  • Effect of other activities


Addiction, as far we know, people usually gets addicted to drinking, smoking and sometimes like coffee. But, children, when they are not exposed to drinking and smoking, they get addicted to some other stuffs. Mainly, when parents buy them a smartphone, children gets excited to the most. Smartphone is also like a wine bottle. It contains large number of applications which you like the most. Usually, children will like the most. They slowly gets addicted to those applications first. Then, they start loving their smartphone. When they are addicted to their smartphone, they don't feel loneliness. Even when someone disturbs them while using the smartphone, the child will go to any extreme.

Health Problems:

Though a smartphone can give most of the features that are available in a PC, it bangs heavily on child's health. This is my experience, so I would like to share this. As I told already above in the second paragraph of this article, I am affected with the disorder called, Absence Seizures. This is neuron problem and my doctor advised me to reduce the usage of mobile phone and other technology device which have display screens can increase my problem. I don't know when I get unconscious. So, I must be very careful and must be in someone's guidance while doing some risky jobs like driving vehicle and crossing a road. Psychologically too, a child is affected due to over usage of smartphone.

Effect on other activities:

As the child gets addicted to smartphones, they certainly fail to succeed in their exams. Scientists and big people tell that smartphone can be used to do child's homework but those can also be performed in their computers. There are lots and lots of Ebooks available on the internet. A child can make use of a PC or a Mac to make use of such things. Some parents buy their child a smartphone for just showing off their high status on the society. Technology makes things easy and reliable but that should not be any disadvantageous or should not affect the child.

Parental control is much essential. Parents must be aware of ill effects of smartphone and their usage with your child. Then, you can care about your child's safety and can help them to shine in future. Smartphones and other technological stuffs should be used in a way that it must improve human's life and not like degrading. When your child is using the smartphone in a wrong way, he/ she may get down a step in education.

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