A recent news tells that a group of Hackers, who are named as AntiSec managed to get into a FBI Laptop computer. Hackers, who got access through a security breach on FBI computer, found something unexpected. They found more than 12 million personal details of Apple iPhone and iPad users. This raised a question to people that, does government tracks Apple users. Really, it's a big disaster as mentioned by Geekosystem blog. The FBI had tracked the Apple users and now, due to a security breach or flaw in FBI Laptop computer, a large amount of personal data is in hands with the Hackers.

AntiSec hacked FBI to get Apple Users using a security breach

The AntiSec group belong to the community of Anonymous. India recently had some disaster due to Anonymous, but their target was absolutely right for the people because, India is currently infected by corruption and other stuffs like Internet Censorship. Anonymous found that India (particularly Reliance) was censoring some sites on their filter server. After some actions took by Anonymous, there have occurred some changes in India regarding Internet Censorship. To learn more about the Anonymous group and to know the thing they did in India, check out here.

When reporters asked this question to the FBI, they didn't comment anything on this security breach. Though the disaster have impacted more on people, FBI and Apple didn't consider it. Apple delayed to respond to the media's question it seems. My previous article was about Russia's own operating system. It is a best option to do like Russians for security reasons. May be, like Apple, Google might also be in trap with the government.

This news is confirmed and said to be real. This is what a good thing which is done by Hackers. They make opaque things to get transparency.

Share your comments below. How do you feel when government tracks your personal details and stuffs?