Technology has made the human life more easier.We were thinking of Google goggles for searching information easily by just capturing stuffs from streets. But before our mind strikes something more sensitive, researchers and technologists have proved that they can make technology easier and handy. Now, you can read text messages in contact lens without even having to check on your mobile. A relationship with mobile and the contact lens is established in such a way that your text notifications will be shown on a LCD embedded on your contact lens.

Text Messages in Contact Lens

The technology must not harm human body but it must be easing the human life. Integration of LCD in Contact lens has been made very sensitive and manufactured carefully. The contact lens has not hit the market still. The LCD screen that has been embedded on the contact lens will receive signal through wireless technology. When a text message is arrived on your mobile, you will be notified through contact lens.

The manufacturers and researchers must also hold certain things on their mind too. Contact lenses are always worn for the whole day. People remove their lens only when they go to bed. They even need while driving vehicles. So, when a text message arrives on a mobile, there must be some control to view the message manually. If the message pops up automatically on the LCD of the contact lens, then a person might get disturbed while driving vehicles or when doing tasks where much eye concentration is required.

We might have experienced, that when we look something near, we see them blurred but the same, when we look at a distance of about 30 centimeters, we can view them clearly. So, the researchers must have developed the lens so that the person can view the text more clearly.

This technology is advantages. We sometimes receive unwanted messages. Most of the times we get annoyed by such messages. If we receive messages in contact lens, then it will be more useful. We may care only to important messages.

Let us see how the lens go popular among the people after the release. Share your thought about this type of lens here.