Facebook tricks have become a fantasy to people. When such tricks come know with the knowledge of the people, they feel very much excited to try it out on their profile. This makes them feel so happy Not only, it gives happiness to them but also, they get a popular among their friends. If they share it in public, they become more popular. The recent bug, Facebook users were able to find bug in Facebook and were able to insert animated pictures on Facebook. But soon after they found, Facebook certainly patches it one by one people find. This is mainly because to increase the efficiency of Facebook.

Now, you can post animated pictures on Facebook groups and timeline. You may have to use a simple steps and a code to post animated pictures on Facebook group and timeline. The timeline, I mean is your own timeline. If you want to post animated pictures on Facebook Page Timeline, you may have to follow this method. You will be able to post animated pictures on Facebook pages and your own timeline but not on groups.

I post this tutorial only because people asked me the tutorial to post animated pictures on Facebook group. Posting on Facebook groups may be a beautiful one because your related people, that is, I can consider your school's group. You may show off your knowledge that you got from CryptLife to your group. Personally, they might ask you the trick. In this way, you will get more popular.

All you need is to follow certain steps to post animated pictures on Facebook group or timeline is as follows.

Step #1: Log in to your Facebook account and authorize this application. [Link]

Step #2: The link will redirect you to Facebook homepage, where when you see the URL, an access token will be shown. Copy and paste the Access Token which will be getting after authorization of the App.

Step #3: For making this method easy, let's get the Facebook group's ID in which you are going to post animated pictures. To get the group ID, navigate to the Facebook group and analyse the URL of the group.

If the group ID looks like https://www.facebook.com/groups/123456789/ then 123456789 is the group ID. In the other case, if a group name appears like https://www.facebook.com/groups/somename then, click on Notifications and right click Settings. Now, select Copy Link Address. Paste the URL somewhere in your favorite text editor like Notepad. At the end of the URL, you may find the group's ID.

Step #4: Paste the group ID in the text editor for easy reference.

Step #5: Use the below code. Just copy it in your Text Editor.

https://api.facebook.com/method/stream.publish? &message=MESSAGE_HERE &attachment= {'media': [{'type':'flash', 'swfsrc':'http://bit.ly/wupNWO', 'imgsrc':'ANIMATED_IMAGE_URL_HERE'}], 'caption':'++++++', 'description':'+++++++', 'properties':{'Via':{'text':'CryptLife', 'href':'https://www.facebook.com/CryptLife'}}} &access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN &target_id=GROUP_ID

Step #6: Replace MESSAGE_HERE with any message describing your animated picture. But your question may be, where to get animated picture's link? Your own animated pictures can't be made animated on Facebook. But you can use the animated picture's link that are already available on Facebook. Just go to http://animatedfb.blogspot.com Find a best animated picture for your post. Right click the selected picture and Copy Link Address. The one which you copy now will be the ANIMATED_IMAGE_URL_HERE.

Step #7: Replace ACCESS_TOKEN with the token which you get from Step #1 and Step #2.

Step #8: Replace GROUP_ID with the one which you got from Step #3. If you leave this blank, then it will be posted on your timeline.

Step #9: After replacement, paste the code in your web browser's address bar and hit Enter.

After hitting Enter, it will display an XML report. Check the Facebook group whether your animated picture has been posted or not. If you see the post with animated picture you selected, you're done successfully. If you don't see, then you must have encountered an error in XML report.

An example post screenshot. Animated Pictures Facebook Groups

If you are getting error while posting, please leave a comment below or share your thoughts and experiences with this trick.