India is a developing country and Netflix, which is an online movie streaming website launched in India. The starting price of Netflix subscription is ₹500 and it does not have HD though provides an access to unlimited shows anytime and anywhere. To get HD, you need to pay an extra of ₹150 and for Ultra HD, you need to pay ₹300 extra from the starter pack. We do not watch online videos in HD, not every people. Thus, not at everyplace in India, Netflix will win.

Netflix in India Pricing

Facebook says that more than 1 billion people in India is not yet connected to Internet and tries to connect people through Free Basics that is opposed by people in the name of net neutrality.

The other people who have been connected to Internet is not on a sophisticated Internet. People in India do have a poor Internet plans than foreign countries have. Only selected cities such as Bangalore and Hyderabad have Internet Service Providers providing Internet with high bandwidth at cheaper price.

Most of the other city dwellers do pay a lot of money for less bandwidth. Netflix online streaming may or may not win those places considering the poor Internet plans.

The next conflict that comes to Netflix is, usage of smart TV. Not at every house, you can see a smart TV to stream online videos on Netflix.

Netflix in India, thus might win in future. Not now. Netflix in India has also provided the service for free for the first month. It provides an option to cancel anytime. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime and anywhere by just logging into your Netflix account.

So what's your thought on Netflix in India to be successful? Do you think current Internet plans that people use pave way for such online streaming? Share your comments below.