Is your MacBook not charging, or is it charging only if you adjust your MagSafe charger? This means that either the port or the charger is dead. Read through this article to know what to do if your MacBook not charging. MacBook line-ups are excellent devices and Apple often makes us regret by providing non-durable charger, whether it comes to MacBook, or iPhone or an iPad.

Is Your MacBook Not Charging?

First, you need to analyze whether the issue is going to cost you a lot or a small inexpensive fix that you can do it on your own if MacBook not charging. There are chances that the issue that you are facing is due to a software issue or settings that went wrong due to which your MacBook not charging.

Method 1: Clean the Port and Charger

As the MagSafe chargers are magnetic in nature, some magnetic particles might be blocking your port. Take a toothpick and clean the port and charger pin gently. If this does not work, then you need to try the next method in this article.

Method 2: SMC Reset

Try an SMC Reset if your MacBook not charging. The procedure to do SMC reset is very simple. Here are the steps you need to follow (if you have a MacBook with non-removable battery):

  1. Shut down your MacBook
  2. Connect the power adapter
  3. Press Shift + Control + Option + Power Key. Your MacBook's charger might change the colour of the light. When you hear the startup sound for the second time, release all the keys at once.
  4. Now your MacBook boots as usual.

The change of light on the MagSafe charger indicates that the SMC has reset. If your MacBook had issues with Power Management and due to which your MacBook was not able to charge, then this simple SMC Reset should have fixed the issue.

Method 3: Replace MagSafe Charger and Logic Board

If your MacBook not charging, it is because your charger has got fried or short-circuited at some point due to fluctuations in electricity at the place you have plugged in your MacBook. Look at the charger and port, out of 4 pins, some of the pins might have gone black - just like the one in the below image. MagSafe 2 Charger - MacBook not Charging MacBook Not Charging Due to MagSafe 2 Port Short Circuited or Fried The above image shows a short-circuited MacBook Pro's MagSafe 2 charger and port. It is recommended to replace both MagSafe charger and the logic board on your MacBook because, even if you replace the MagSafe charger, it is more likely that due to a faulty logic board, your new MagSafe charger will be affected soon. This is an expensive method but you need to be replacing both if your MacBook needs to be powered. Apple has separated out the Motherboard and the MagSafe logic board for safety reasons. Thus your Motherboard is not affected even if your MagSafe experiences issues. In some Genius Bar and even in few Apple Authorized service centres, they take the old MagSafe charger with them and provide you with a new one, discounting on a new MagSafe charger. Take your old MagSafe charger before you head to an Apple Service Center or an Apple Authorized Service Center. Were you able to fix the issue and make your MacBook to power up? If not, did you approach an Apple Service Center or an Apple Authorized Service Center for replacement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.