Today, my phone was idle and I didn't receive any WhatsApp notifications from friends. One of my friend sent an SMS saying, "Hey dude! I've sent a photo on WhatsApp, please upload it on your Facebook as you have more friends.". As he sent me a text message, I opened WhatsApp for checking new messages. I found that WhatsApp failed to connect server. The network status showed "Server is connecting..." for long time. After making a lot of Google search, I found that WhatsApp has been blocked on BSNL. From now, BSNL users will not be able to use WhatsApp directly. But how to use WhatsApp on BSNL? You can use VPN to access WhatsApp on your smartphone.

I use a BSNL internet connection and I also found that the official site of WhatsApp, isn't working here though some sites verifies that the site is up.

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Current Status of BSNL

After the introduction of MNP (Mobile Number Portability) in India, BSNL seem to have decreasing population of their users. Though the network provided a lot of offers to make their customers stay on their network, their growth became much dull. Additionally, the introduction of WhatsApp on every smartphones impacted a lot on them. Frequent SMS senders now use their home or office WiFi to send free messages over data using WhatsApp.

Suspected Reasons Why BSNL Blocked WhatsApp

  • No sale of high-priced BSNL SMS boosters.
  • BSNL was not able to monitor the data sent over WhatsApp.
  • No sale of 2G or 3G data cards as people can also use WhatsApp for free on their office or home WiFi.
  • MMS has almost dead on BSNL after WhatsApp as it allowed pictures and voice to transfer over data.

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL?

If you are using a smartphone, then it's much awesome and there are a lot of VPN apps that helps you to access WhatsApp on BSNL. And, if you are a S40 user using WhatsApp, then you don't get this piece of cake.

VPN One Click is a popular app available for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Mac OS X and Windows. Download link is give below the article.

How To Use WhatsApp on BSNL

There are also many free apps like Orbot and TunnelBearVPN. You can search for these names on your respective stores to download them.

Not only BSNL but also the free messenger apps like WhatsApp, Hike, BBM has made a lot of other mobile network companies to fall. People in relationships usually go for text messaging booster packs each much. The messenger apps have provided people not only with free service but also a lot of disadvantages have overcome.

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Why People Switched From SMS to WhatsApp?

  • The text messages with limited characters is now unlimited (or comparatively large).
  • There is no need for using SMS booster packs separately for text communication.
  • There is no need for using MMS packs for sending pictures, voice and other objects. Apps like WhatsApp lets you to send high quality images for free.
  • Broadcast messages and Group chats.

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UPDATE: WhatsApp started working on BSNL. The mobile network did not block WhatsApp but was unable to connect to the host of certain servers which also included WhatsApp. This blockage lasted for hours and people thought that BSNL had blocked the usage of WhatsApp among their users. It is now time to use WhatsApp without any VPN apps. The network status of WhatsApp now connects to the server and retrieves all new messages.