Certain things are to be considered while you choose a best antivirus. It is always a must to have your own computer more secure and safe. As the world you face now depends mostly on an electronic data. So, it is much essential to handle your computer safe and prevent your files form getting corrupted by viruses, malware and other malicious software. Your portable computers need extra care to protect from theft. An Antivirus must not protect only offline files for infections but also should protect your network. It Should block non trusted applications from being accessed to the internet. Choose a best antivirus but not a cracked one. Here are some advises or tips for choosing a best antivirus software for your computer.

Before coming to a final decision of your antivirus program, check internet for the best antivirus or top 10 antivirus for that year and so on. This will create some more ideas to choose a best antivirus.

Choose a best Antivirus

I've seen many users using cracked antivirus but I have heard only bad news from them that their computer is attacked by viruses, spyware and malware easily. A user who use a paid antivirus program doesn't complain like this the most. So, I would suggest you to buy an antivirus than using a cracked or an illegal one.

Paid or Free?

My advice is, buy your antivirus and not to use any cracked ones. you may use a trial version which the antivirus software vendors provide but it is most trusted if you use a paid antivirus. I think most of the vendors provide their antivirus for affordable price. Here, I have listed below some of the pros and cons of both while using paid and cracked antivirus software.

Using a paid antivirus software:

Pros: [unordered_list style="tick"]

  • Trusted.
  • Full support from Vendor whom you buy the antivirus software.
  • Updates regularly for definition updates.
  • Reports periodically to the vendor so that it may help you in improving the software.
  • No one monitors your computer. It only protects your computer.
  • Some vendors provide special updates only for a licensed software.


Cons: [unordered_list style="red-x"]

  • Some may cost high.
  • Limited validity period i.e. expires after certain period.


Using a free or cracked antivirus software:

Pros: [unordered_list style="tick"]

  • Free of cost.
  • Can use any crack or malicious software for extending its period.



[unordered_list style="red-x"]

  • Not trusted always.
  • Your computer will a victim for a cracker who made the crack for the antivirus.
  • No Full support.
  • Some of the online reports are disabled so that your antivirus is not recognized by the software vendor. The main aim of this, is to not making the vendor to identify that it is a cracked version.
  • Updates may or may not be regular.
  • As it don't have a proper license, some support which requires licensing will not be available to you.
  • Illegal to use.


The first thing to be considered is, how you use your computer and how high your computer performance is.

Which type of computer user you are?

Basically, there are three user types to use a computer. The one is, a gamer. Second, a web surfer and the Third is, offline computer user.

A gamer may or may not be a multi player user. If he is a multi player user, he need to be protected from viruses and other malicious softwares from internet too. The antivirus must give him a good protection from network as well as a good protection on his own computer. His game data files must be more secure and should not make any files corrupted.

A web surfer needs to install an antivirus which gives him a good internet security like Firewall, shield your computer from key logger, malicious software and should remove if any tracking software found on your computer or any website. It must protect you from phishing sites and links that you surf with.

An offline computer user, who always need a standalone software to work on with must use an antivirus which will protect him from removable devices and programs he installs in his computer. If you use a multiple user or if you let your child to the same computer you use, then it is a must that your antivirus must protect all users including them. If you concentrate much on your child safety, then antivirus with parental control feature can be installed. Parental control allows you to track your child's activities and mos t of the antivirus software vendors provide this.

Analyse your computer's health:

Health of your computer means, not only the viruses being attacked on your computer but also you should care about the configuration of your computer. Most of the antivirus which provide best protection from viruses eat up a large memory space and lets your computer to slow down. Select an antivirus that won't effect on performance of your computer. If you are more concerned about security, then change your computer's configuration.

Be safe with your Portable computer:

If you use a portable computer, then it is a must that you should also have a safety and tracking feature for your portable computer. If, in case, your computer is stolen or theft, you must be able to track your computer somehow. Certain antivirus programs provide that feature too. Don't concentrate only on this, but also on security of your computer from staying away from viruses.

Learn more about a recent malware which attacked world's most of the computer, DNSchanger here.

Ask your friends and other people whom you trust on about the antivirus they use and how safe are they.

Share your thought about this topic here so that other readers may let know how to choose a best antivirus for their computer. If you have any experiences on buying an antivirus, please feel free to share here. Your ideas will also make other readers to gain even more knowledge on choosing a best antivirus.