Yes. You read it right. Hide battery percentage will increase your battery life in the long run. A technically and psychologically proven one. How? Let me explain this by making you clarify what's happening in the battery and how showing or hiding the battery percentage will affect the battery percentage.

You need to this both technically and psychologically. Why do you turn on battery percentage? The reason is, to know the exact status of the battery and decide whether to keep on a charger or not. Here is what you do when your battery is below 50%. You start to think that your battery is very low that you may need to approach an AC power to start charging your phone.

Why do you want to care about the percentage? When your phone battery is 50%, you still have the same time of run that you had till 50% from 100. It is always recommended to charge your battery when it is about 20%.

Hide Battery Percentage for Longer Battery Life

You shouldn't run very low with battery and also not to charge fully, you should maintain the cycle that battery does.

Your phone will give out an alert to notify you that your battery is low at 20%. At this time, prepare yourself so that you plug into a charger or a power bank if you have.

What happens when you hide battery percentage?

When you hide battery percentage on your phone, your phone is going to utilise full energy that gained in the previous charging cycle. When your phone reaches 50%, you may do not know exactly how much amount of charge your phone's battery comprises.

Your battery will often come down to 20% and will notify you. You do not have to stare at your battery's percentage each time after you surf or play a game.

Thus your phone battery will have a perfect cycle at each battery charge. Also remember that, to attain a full performance, do not charge after 100%. It is always good to stop charging your phone before 90%.

When your battery is 100% and still charging, your phone will still charge your battery for not falling from full charge. It complicates the chemical reaction inside the battery, the main reason why batteries get bulged after some period of usage.

Tips to save battery

If you are an iPhone user, do not hesitate to turn on Low Power Mode. This drastically slow downs the battery drain and keep your phone stay alive for a longer time.

If you are an Android user, there are plenty of battery saver apps that help you save your battery life by turning off unused apps.

Always turn off location when it is not in use. Location services not only drain your battery a lot but also damages your privacy. Why do you want someone to track anytime?

Bluetooth: Most of the Android users have this turned off. Apple users who use both iPhone and Mac turn this on always because Apple features an excellent way to switch apps on all Apple devices. Apple name this feature as hand-off. For example, an Apple user can continue his/her email on iPhone when he/she has just started on Mac. Turning on Bluetooth only when it is required will save battery a lot.

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