This generation is more materialistic than our previous generation. The craze for iPhone is so wild that has made a guy marry an iPhone. Yes! You read it right. A guy married iPhone. This guy promises to be with iPhone forever as all make their promises during their marriage.

Aaron Chervenak from Los Angeles had taken a step to make his smartphone a bride. When a lot is happening in the world such as marrying their pet, this is something unusual and has actually made most of the gadget freaks to shock.

The guy married iPhone to show how people connected towards their smartphone. He has his iPhone case with a ring at the back so that he could put his iPhone in the case and wear it. This is his iPhone ring:

This Guy Married iPhone

To him or all of us, smartphones are becoming a daily part of life. Whenever you are sad, you open up your smartphone to play a game or chat with some of your closed ones. Also, for most of the youngsters today, smartphones are becoming a one of the parts in their "beds."

The guy, Chervenak might be having an unconditional love towards his iPhone and thus got a decision to marry it. One of the sad parts in his marriage is, the marriage hall seems to be empty. No one has come for his marriage. We could notice only two people sitting and wishing the groom and bride.


What do you think about this story? Do you think that marrying a device that actually lasts not more than 3 to 5 years is a good thing? Well, this might be a joke or for the sake of a video becoming viral but in reality, people are often in love with their devices.

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