By looking at your memories that Facebook notify about every morning is kind of weird feeling that how stupid you were during the past. One thing that you often do is, either change the privacy of unwanted posts or delete the post permanently. I have got a tool for you to do this. You can delete all Facebook posts in a single click, and it is easy as boiling water. To perform this, you need Google Chrome because you are going to use a Chrome extension to do all the stuff for you. Facebook post manager is a Google Chrome extension that lets you delete all Facebook Posts in a single click. If you like to change the privacy of all posts from "Public" to "Friends", or from "Friends" to "Only me", or "Public" to "Only me" - it is all possible with a filling a form and hitting a button. Facebook Post Manager Chrome Extension You can find posts that contain a keyword and change the privacy of those posts or delete those posts. It is also possible to delete all Facebook posts that were posted in a month of the year, for example, I can delete posts that were created in the month of November 2016. Delete All Facebook Posts Facebook tagging is one of the things that annoys when you have got a friend who tags on every picture or his/her profile photo. You may not always go to their photo and untag yourselves every time he or she tags you on a photo where you do not belong. Make use of Facebook Post Manager helps you to change the privacy of such posts quickly by searching those posts in your Activity Log using the keyword, "tagged". Facebook Delete All Posts Confirmation You can also learn how to delete all messages on Facebook. Although this is a 2014 trick, the extension seems to be working. Please share your thoughts below in comments. Install Facebook Post Manager Chrome Extension.