In a recent update to Facebook Messenger, the company has enabled developers to develop apps that work specially for Messenger. As a result, several apps has been already listed for the users to utilise apps for the messenger. The third-party apps for Facebook Messenger integration was allowed by Facebook a few days ago and within a short span of time, there have been a lot of apps you can see on More tab of your Messenger which you can download from App Store or Play Store.

Apps for Facebook Messenger on iPhone

Tapping on Install, will take you to the App Store and lets your install the app on your iPhone. Some of the apps mentioned below are not available for Android but most of the listed below apps are available on Play Store that work specially for Messenger.

Make Your Chat To Sing

Sing your message on Facebook

Ditty is an app built specially for Facebook Messenger that lets users to add a background music to their text and send their message as a video.

To wish someone a pleasant morning or a sweet night, you may use this app to send texts in a pleasant way with added music.

Make an Augmented Reality Photo

Augmented Reality on Facebook Messenger - Apps for Facebook Messenger

The all new app Cam for Messenger lets you to add special effects on your photo snapped on your iPhone. Unfortunately, this app isn”™t available on Android.

You can add a customised background to your image, or make objects float on the image, or share a great movie with your friends or beloved via Messenger.

Add Real Time Effects to Video You Capture

Action Movie Visual Effects Apps for Facebook Messenger

The most popular app on App Store that lets you to add real time visual effects on videos that you capture is, Action Movie FX.

Add visual effects like smashing a car on a road, throwing bombs and more.

Send a Talking Tom Video

Talking Tom Videos on Facebook

Surprisingly, the Talking Tom can work on Messenger. Make Tom to say something and instantly share with your friends.

Also, the app lets you to choose character and background to send with.

Make Selfie Stickers

Selfie Stickers for Facebook Messenger

Emu - Selfie Stickers for Messenger app lets you to capture a selfie with your camera, create a sticker and share instantly through Messenger.

This app seems to have a good future on the App Store with regards to the today”™s selfie generation.

BONUS: Selfied is an another app that instantly snaps a selfie and upon tapping on the Messenger icon, will be shared with Facebook friends.

Shout on Facebook Messenger

Shout on Facebook Messenger

What if, your girlfriend doesn”™t replies you back for a lengthy message you”™ve just sent? Shout lets you to take a snap of yours and insert your text in a big font size. And then, share instantly with your girlfriend or lover to either spice up your conversation or chill down the situation.

Send GIF Animations on Facebook Messenger

Send GIF Animations on Facebook Messenger  

Non-animating messages are boring. It”™s 2015 and still the company has not allowed GIFs on Facebook. This may be due to a fact that animations may decrease the performance of the site.

Animations can be sent with your message. Ultratext for Messenger has a feature that lets you instantly take a snap, add emoji or text to your photo and share them with friends on Messenger. Also, you can search for images on the web within the app and insert them to your GIF.

Facebook has recently made developers to develop their own apps that work particularly for Messenger. More apps are coming soon!

If you have come across a cool app, please share with us in comments below.