We have worked on lot of operating systems. Mostly, we might have used Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. Statistically, users of Windows are more compared to Mac and Linux. Though Linux is an open source and free operating system, basic users feel uncomfortable while using it. Mac which is from Apple Inc. costs high but have great features. So, we might have seen lot of desktops and you might have imagined how your computer's desktop should be. I have listed some of the Windows Desktop Customization Software so that you may choose a right one for your desktop.

Appearance of the desktop is one of the way to show off your creativity and interest on computers. There are many ways to show  your desktop. For example, if you are a geek, then you can have your Windows desktop like matrix flowing by and some relevant custom icons. Basically, whenever we customize Windows Desktop, we used to change the appearance of desktop icons, wallpaper, themes, screen savers, task bar and more.

When I looked for Windows Desktop Customizing software, it really made me to understand that if I customize my desktop more, my computer gets slow down drastically. So, if you are trying to customize more on your desktop, please see that you are having a good hardware configuration. There are many desktop customization software to customize your Windows desktop but best ones  are listed here in this post for your convenience. These desktop customizing software exists since the launch of GUI (Graphical User Interface) based Windows.

You might have seen many of your friend's desktop having something interesting on their Windows Desktop. Particularly, if you have any friend who is more driven towards computers and stuffs, you must have noticed their desktop to be different than normal. The thing is, they use third party software to make their desktop look more beautiful.

Did you know? You can change your desktop wallpaper in a periodic manner automatically. The software will just search images on Google and a picture as your desktop wallpaper one by one. To learn more, read this.

The 5 best desktop customization software listed below are third party software and not anyway affiliated or linked with Microsoft. They are just used to beautify your Desktop.

#1 RocketDock

RocketDock can attract most of the Apple users. Apple lovers who use Windows can make use of RocketDock to have a dock on their Windows Desktop. It looks more nice when it comes for Windows Desktop. RocketDock features animation when you hover on the icons. The minimized Windows also appears on RocketDock so that you can switch applications easily and in more fascinating way.

RocketDock Desktop Customization Software

#2 Desktop Icon Toy

Using Desktop Icon Toy you can easily change your desktop icons' layout. For example, you can arrange all desktop icons in a heart shape, polygon, circle and more with a single click. When you hover on any icons with your mouse, the icons dance in that place which looks more beautiful on your Windows desktop. Desktop Icon Toy also allows you to arrange icons as per your wish too. It can just determine your mouse gestures and arrange required design or layout for the icons on your Windows desktop. Some people would like to remove the text from the icons and they feel their desktop to be good and neat when text for the desktop icons are absent. With Desktop Icon Toy, you can also remove the text from desktop icons.

Desktop Icon Toy Windows Icons

#3 CubeDesktop

Make your single desktop to rotate in a cubic manner using CubeDesktop. It's totally a new and fresh look for Windows Desktop Experience. Just imagine when you can rotate your computer desktop which will be in cubic manner. You may switch applications just by rotating the cube. CubeDesktop is developed by Thinkinbytes and they also produce more desktop customization software for Windows. They look more experinced in customizing the Windows desktop more efficiently.

Cube Desktop Customization Software

#4 Rainmeter

Rainmeter is a best tool to customize your entire desktop. Lot of skins and themes are available for Rainmeter. It is a desktop customization tool where you can juice up features by adding themes and skins to it so that you can gain attractive features on your Windows Desktop. Most of the geeks will use this. This makes the desktop to appear more geeky and when someone looks at your desktop , they wonder how you made it or sometimes they'll just judge you are using a different operating system other than Windows.

Rainmeter Desktop Customization Software

#5 Fences

Fences is a Windows Desktop customizing software or tool which can be used to beautify your Windows Desktop. Fences is developed by StarDock, a popular company for developing many such software. Fences can be used to hide your desktop icons when not needed. You can make to enable your desktop icons just when hovering n your transparent icons.

Fences Windows Desktop Customization Software

If you know more desktop customizing software, please let us know so that readers of this site would be helpful.