The biggest social networking site, Facebook is being used massively and the site though tries new Facebook users to get connected with known friends, does not teaches how to use it more effectively. There are more than thousands of people signing up every day. It's really weird that most of the novice user or even, an expert doesn't know the common sense of what is to be done for what on Facebook. Here, in this article I've mentioned some of the stupid and irritating Facebook users that we encounter everyday.

Doing things differently is cool but they should not look insane when it is shown to the public. These users should be available on your friend list for sure, at least a single soul. There might be certain motives for such activities. Following are some of the targets which they want to achieve.

  • To earn more "likes".
  • Make viewers to get noticed of their post.
  • To show themselves cool.
  • Promote links or texts. (Spam usually)

Sometimes, people might do out of ignorance too. However, we can't find fault with any of these. Each person has the right and no one cannot deny people making such activities though it appears weird to others. Let them learn when they realize.

#1 Ping Pong Typists

Facebook emo typing style

You might have noticed some of the "emo" guys and girls used to type in a stylish and cool manner just to drive attention of the people. This is much tricky but sometimes, we could see people making the sentence much hard for one to understand. These texts make people to easily get noticed of but totally become insane when ease of readability is taken into account.

#2 Over Socialized

Every Like gives One dollar

Facebook is a social networking site and I just thought that it would be used for helping people around the world by making few clicks. It would be much awesome when money is generated through such clicks. People just thought donating is such an easy task with Facebook.

Sometimes we could see posts like, "The person shown in the picture has no hands, legs and face. Facebook has agreed to pay this person $1 for each like the picture receives. Please like and share this picture instead of sharing worthless contents on your timeline".

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#3 Irrelevant Commentators

Irrelevant Commenters - Irritating Facebook users

Imagine a Facebook Page which has seriously posted photos about a celebrity's new movie and everyone has commented by welcoming them. What if, someone comments irrelevant to the post? The total scenario gets awkward and everyone turns to that particular comment. For instance, look at the above screenshot. Usually spammers do such comments.

#4 HashTag Addicts

HashTags are usually used to make a post more visible on the site but it's funny when people mention others with the hashtags in comments to whom they reply. This is because mentioning people with '@' is too mainstream.


It is much interesting to have fun on Facebook with friends. Though these people know what they are doing, they still entertain their followers, no matter the post they do is real or fake. A gang of friends won't be much interesting without few humorous people.