Internet doesn't contain 100% trusted links. There are numerous spam links to trap any user for getting details or just to build links for their site or blog. Spam links are mostly attached with spam messages or emails. Most of the times, it contains a message with a link. If same message with the same link spreads over the internet, then it becomes a spam. The intention of a spammer will just be to build links for his site or to make the site more popular. Spammers target big social medias like Facebook and Twitter to spread their links maximum on the Web. Do not fall in spam and know the spamming techniques. By simply following such spamming techniques, the spread their product or a commodity to a maximum on Internet.

As Spam links mostly come along with a message, people are more liable to check links contained in the spam message. Whatever be the medium, the spammer has sent, Email or a social network. Most of the spam links wants to retrieve your contact list or friend list or a publish permission (if social networking site).

Stop Spam

I also saw some Facebook spams that makes use of the popular app which we use. The advantage for spammer for making a popular Facebook application to post spam is, most of the people might have granted access to those application. And, it is not necessary for a user to authorize those application again. Spam links can easily make use of those apps to spread spam messages with links on your timeline or friend's timeline or group or pages.

I have some list why people fall at spam links. What kind of spamming techniques do spammers follow to get you trapped? I'll let you know. You must be aware of these things to avoid spam links.

#1 Offers

Most of the spammer follow this technique to trap people. They think that people like offers and discounts than anything. So, people fall into the spam easily. I've seen offers like free recharges for mobile, free laptop, free Macbook, 80% discount in buying shoes/watches/glasses and much more. When people see such spams, they actually think that they are lucky enough to see such links and as a result of that, they click on that and follow few simple steps shown in the link. But, only after viewing their walls or profile, they could analyse that they have been trapped on spam link.

#2 Marketing

People who do marketing are also involved in spamming. Their motive is to make maximum coverage of their business. They start to do such spamming works for getting more exposure of their product without even having to work physically or do genuine online marketing. Most of the social networks now finds the spam links easily but still new links arise day by day. Not all marketers do spamming. Newbies or not well experienced people who involve in marketing sometime, do this kind of activities.

#3 Increase Likes/Followers/Subscribers/Views

The technique to offer numerous likes or followers or subscribers or views usually can be seen on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other. Spam messages says that if you visit the given site, you'll be able to increase such stuffs. People automatically get attracted to these spams and make themselves a victim for spammers. Spams does lot of work in short period of time which you can't manually do in such a huge speed. Agreed, spams obey what spammers instructed in their program. They result in spamming the links on your friend's profile or posting in various places like groups and pages on social networking sites.

#4 Blog Comments

Usually, big web platform like WordPress and Blogger adds a nofollow attribute to links that are in comments. this is mainly due to reduce spam. Blog commentators usually use software which can automatically log WordPress blog links and post spams on the blog post. Spammers usually target to build links and get high page rank for their site. There are certain tools which automatically identifies spams and block it but to welcome more comments in blogs people make their comments a dofollow one. Blogs which welcome more comments, to ensure the security, they use plugins for their blog to prevent spams.

#5 Features

I've seen spam messages spreading on Facebook which says, "Remove Timeline" and "Add Dislike button". I totally disbelief such messages. Do not get trapped to such spams. To learn more tips on making your Facebook account secure, you may learn in detail.

#6 Story building

In both Emails and Social networking sites, spammers build a short pity story like thing and making the people to share or donate something a website. Not most of the times, sometimes these stories can be true. You must analyse the story to ensure that the story is genuine and then you must work on it. Links provided there looks so original which may make you to feel for it.

#7 Tricked out

People who spam might also spread messages instructed that if they follow the steps given there, you can hack or download any premium software for free. Don't ever be fooled by such spams. Spammers concentrate spreading links and making the spam message more genuine. Messages which offer such things are always fake. This can also take you to fake log in pages to get your usernames and passwords, which is often known as Phishing. This also comes under the category of spamming.

If you have faced any new spam techniques which spammers follow, then you may feel free to comment below. If this article helped you, please do not forget to subscribe to our RSS feed which will bring you.